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VOF Origins - Page 1

By Spotty001
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Sorry for the uber long wait! I tried to get a good amount of pages done, but I'm tired of not posting anything at all. So enjoy !!! :boing:

The story is a tad vague at this point, since it's the beginning, but there will be quite a few flashback pages coming up. I promise.

How does a new page every week(or two?) sound?

Valley Of Fire Novels, VOF-Origins Comic, All Related Works, and All Related Valley Of Fire Characters © 2012 Christina Ranick
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OMG! I love this page! and the new page every week or teo sounds great!
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Glad you like it ^^ The other pages were bothering me, so I decided to redo it. Okay, good, so every week for the ones I have done, and once I run out, every 2 weeks
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Sounds fine now i'll have something to look forward too! :D
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OMG. I'm so excited right now. Your art has improved and your story line looks SO FREAKING WELL DONE. I'm jealous. And excited. And nervous for her. AND I WANT MOAR.

And 1-2 weeks sounds wonderful! Although if you are unable to do so, don't worry too much on it. That's what it's like for me. lol Although you are way smarter than me and actually started with more pages down your belt. I didn't. And I'm struggling. LOL. Perhaps one week I'll just draw comic sketches and outlines. Yeaaah. That sounds smart.

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Hee hee ^^ long comment

I'm glad you like it. It's about time I got something up, and I got two pages done yesterday, and I'm sketching out another one as we speak.

Okay, so maybe every sunday for the ones I have done, and 2 once I run out. Yeah, it's hard to keep up with any schedulem regardless of how well thought out it was. lol I wouldn't say I'm smarter, just too good at planning things and ridiculously awesome at tactics. It would have been better if I had plenty more pages done, that way I wouldn't be procrastinating and doing pages instead of homework :/

Anything on the page that's unclear or could be edited?
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The only thing for me was that the 2nd panel was really dark and I couldn't distinguish what I was looking at. But when I got onto the big computer, I saw what it was. :) I thought it added to the whole thing. So I really can't complain! :D

Also, I'm so happy for you! It's smart to do that, and I think I'll do the same next time. :)
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Yeah, I originally colored it, then made it super dark, and now it's uncooperative. So I just left it

It reduces stress too! So at least that way you can chill out for a while without having to worry about pages. You can think about them, just not do anything.

Just finished my valentine's day cards ^^ or at least the design. Just gotta find some card stock paper, print them up, sign them, buy candy and attach it. oh yeah, and hand them out too xD And for the friends who I can't hand them to personally, it'll also be posted on facebook with tags, and on dA too :la: can't wait
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D'aww! That's such a cute idea! Oh gosh, I know what I am adding to my list of "to do's". :D :D :D :eager:
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I'm surprised I finished it so quickly. Was able to sit down and do it. And it's so freaking adorable!!! It's a little rose grey chibi horse sitting and holding red, black and white roses. He's so cute!!! :giggle:
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jfakfjdlk That sounds adorable! I have no idea how to make chibi horses. LOL
Spotty001's avatar
lol not too hard ^^ Big head, little body, big eyes. That's pretty much it
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