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VOF Origins - Original Cover

By Spotty001
:bulletblue: First Page :bulletblue:

Finally got this thing posted. I've been working on it for the last few weeks, and it took me a while for a couple of reasons. One, my GIMP would freeze every single time I worked on the fighting horses, so it was rather terrible to do it over and over again. Second, the fading on the large characters(Renai and Luka) gave me a bit of trouble too. And finally, the text. Somewhat self explanatory there.

Now some of you may be looking at this and thinking - "Volume One? HUH?!?". Well, the only way to really explain that is by saying there's more than one origin storyline, and this is just the first. It is the most important one, as the other storylines leading up to the main Valley of Fire story don't quite follow the main characters.

Any questions?

Enjoy! ^^

Valley Of Fire Novels, VOF-Origins Comic, All Related Works, and All Related Valley Of Fire Characters © 2012 Christina Ranick
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Love the colors and I'm not usualy keen on animals with eyebrows, but their expressions look nicely defined in character :D
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Hope you enjoy it :)
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This is sooo pureh!Iloves them two black horses in the background :la:
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lol thankies ^^ I had issues with what kind of background to have on them and I originally had green and yellow streaks from their eyes, but it looked funny. The left one(Luka) was going to have fire behind him, but I just scrapped the idea and left it alone
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Hehe well it looks good !
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Oh boy oh boy oh boy, SO EXCITED.

This looks GREAT.
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muahaha thank you ^^ took damn near forever
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