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Twist of Charm Liberty - Spring Into Summer

By Spotty001
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Horse: RCS Twist of Charm
Stable: Raven’s Crown Stables
Shown by: Kamille Reiling
Show: Spring Into Summer - Liberty Class - hosted by ~SkyWolfSpirit

The shiny silver trailer pulled into the lot near the arena. Inside, Twist of Charm kicked at the sides of the trailer. “Calm down, stupid, I’ll get you out in a second,” Kamille barked at the rambunctious stallion. “You’re going to destroy my trailer, you brat. Now cut it out.” There was a moment of silence and she unlatched the door at the back of the trailer, lead in hand. “Come here, you,” she spoke sarcastically as she grabbed at the stallion’s halter. He snorted and stepped out of the trailer, suddenly behaving like a perfect gentleman. “That’s better, huh,” she smirked and walked as he followed willingly. They reached the arena gate, and Kamille jogged inside, Twister in tow. He trotted alongside her and they stopped in the center of the arena. He reared and pawed into the air, then landed and shied away from her, stretching the lead as far as it would go. She tugged on it and he trotted around her, stopping at her side. “What do you think you’re doing,” she snarled at him and he whinnied, lowering his head as she unclipped the lead and grabbed hold of the halter. She unlatched it and he shot off like a rocket, becoming a yellow blur in against the dirt. Dust went flying into the air as the stallion whirled and galloped around the arena. He slowed to a trot, stretching out his legs and holding his head high and whinnying. At the center of the arena, Kamille rolled her eyes, “Geez, what a show off.” After a few minutes of running pell-mell around the arena, he skidded to a halt on one end and reared then kicked off the ground and bolted to the other end, kicking his back legs out and bucking. Kamille sighed and laughed a little. This stallion was really too much, and she wondered how he would behave at their showjumping class later in the day. She glanced at the stallion and whistled. He stopped in place, looked at her, then lightly trotted over, standing still as she put the halter and lead back on. He snorted and she smiled. Together they jogged out of the arena, and Twist looked back at the audience then whinnied as the gates closed behind him.
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love the pose especially the face
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