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Stone Soldiers

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Stonehenge Dressage Event - participation ribbon by Fibonacho

RCE Silent Knight (9)
Handler: Kamille Reiling (25)
Stonehenge Dressage Event - Grand Prix CDI4*

Starting No. 052 (on saddle pad)

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"Think they'll cancel it?" Abigail looked up from the ground as she held the black Timekin gelding in place while Kamille jumped into the saddle. She glanced worriedly at the passing storms. Thunder boomed in the distance. it was headed away from them, but Gale still felt uneasy, though the rains had long passed.

"God, I hope not. I don't really want a repeat of Nashville," Kami shook her head and sighed and Knight snorted. He hadn't been there, but he'd certainly heard them bitch about it enough.

At the time, they'd gone to a concert, not a competition, and just as the bands were set to play, the crowd scattered and headed home, as thunder rolled and lightning struck a little too close for comfort. They were in an open field, with no cover. Not somewhere one wants to be in a storm. Only minutes after they'd gotten into the car and on the road, the storm hit, the downpour making for little to no visibility, and winds blowing hard enough to tip cars off the road.

The sun peeked out behind the clouds, illuminating the arena. It was pleasant, and both women smiled at the good fortune. "Awesome, I hate riding in the rain." Kamille nudged the gelding's flanks and they bounced away.


OHMYGOD DONE! Donedonedonedonedone! Talk about meeting a deadline!

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Oh wow, so pretty :O