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Silent Knight Dressage - Spring Into Summer

By Spotty001
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Horse: RCS Silent Knight
Stable: Raven’s Crown Stables
Shown by: Kamille Reiling
Show: Spring Into Summer - Dressage Class - hosted by ~SkyWolfSpirit

This was it. The little black gelding’s first ever show, and though they had been training quite a bit over the last few weeks, he was still visibly nervous. Kamille patted the side of his neck then swung into the saddle. Night tossed his head as she grabbed onto the reins and nudged his sides. He surged forward and she tightened her grip on the reins, pulling him back. He stopped and twitched his tail, obviously getting more nervous. Before entering the arena, she trotted him in a circle then stopped him at the arena edge, letting the reins loosen as he dropped his head and snorted. She patted him on the neck again, and spoke softly to him. “Ready, boy?” He picked up his head and snorted again, his confidence returning. “Okay then,” Kamille whispered as she picked up the reins, “let’s go”. She nudged his flanks and he stepped forward proudly, head held high. Kamille looked down and smiled at the gelding as they reached the center of the arena and came to a halt. His black coat shone in the sunlight of the beautiful day, as the wind whistled through the blooming trees and his silver gear-like markings glittered, reflecting light onto the dirt as he gracefully moved across the arena.

Knight's first competition. A little rocky, but hopefully he does well
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Oh, he looks so purty all spruced up for the show! :D Good luck to ya'! ^^
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You go get them Knight!! :clap: good luck!
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lol thanks ^^ I REALLY wanted to compete with him, so hope we do well
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You're welcome. :)