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Results: 5th - Dressage Phase Results

 306 RCE Kilven Avulla Tai Paalle Sen
    25 y/o Elven-Warhorse Mare
Rider/Handler: Abigail Cavallon (25)
Stable Representing: Raven's Crown Equestrian, USA
Event: Cheval D'or Eventing - Dressage Phase
Class: Dressage
Starting No. 27
Extra Images : N/A for this round -_-


"Please don't throw me, please don't throw me, please don't throw me...." Abigail frantically thought as the mare pawed and reared while awaiting their turn. 'Gods, I'm such an idiot. I never should have gone to work that day.'
    That day when Kamille announced there was an upcoming event. That the center's only non-competing Elven Warhorse would finally get her turn. And then Gale's twin brother Aiden volunteered her for it, knowing how much she feared the horse.
    The fact that the mare could wrack her nerves was a testament to how volatile and green the warhorse was. 
    The only entity she feared more was her father.
    With his commanding presence, Gale would bet money that he could stop the rambunctious, rude mare in her tracks with nothing more than a quirked brow. For that matter, the same expression always caused her brother to freeze in place, shut his mouth, and quake in his boots. Once upon a time it was amusing, but they both cringed upon thinking back on it.
    One of the event coordinators waved her and Darake through, and as they danced across the arena, her thoughts went back to getting thrown. Thankfully the mare behaved during the performance, but as soon as it was over and they were exiting the arena, the mare bucked, kicking up her heels. Abigail couldn't held but smile as she held on for dear life.
    'Well, guess I'm not the only one who glad that's over...'


Work Time: circa 15 hrs, nonstop (yes, nonstop. Excuse me while I go hibernate until the next round.)
Reference: None! :)
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