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Lifeguards on Duty

By Spotty001
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SHH - Ribbon - 4th Place by Stal-HindeHei SHH - Ribbon - Best In Show by Stal-HindeHei
4th + Best In Show

GGS Brigadier
8 m/o PRE Colt
Handler: Lokela Etorin
SHH Summer Event 2018
Class: Seahorse Halter-Costume Class


Story Coming Soon! :3

Word count: n/a

Ref for Brigadier: None
Ref for Background: None
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Okay, seriously. How have I been missing this AMAZING growth you've been having! I am so impressed. You are amazing :heart: 
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OMYGOD FRENCHY BBY!!! I missed you!
Believe me, I've been missing it too xD It just kind of....happened.
I was working on comics for a contest entry (that never happened...shaaaame!), tried a new shading style...and there ya go! (I was about to post a link to my stash, but a. they aren't in there, and b. I moved a lot of files off my computer to make room so I couldn't upload it even if I wanted to :stupidme:)
How have you been?!?
Send a note if you wanna chat!
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I've missed you, too!!!!!

I came into seeing that art and was like HOLY SNAPS. THAT'S SOME GOOD STUFF RIGHT THERE. OH SNAP, IT'S SPOTTY WHAT.
And then pride just flowed from my eyes. Cry forever 

I've been great! I realized I really miss dA and all my friends and art and drawing and UGH. I'M BACK.
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Hyep, it's quite surprising, even to me. I just futzed with some super high opacity airbrushing and "Whoa what's that, it looks awesome, why didn't I think of this before, it's f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!"
And then my babies starting raking in wins and :boogie:
Haha so now most of the shows I do are effort based and a good chunk of the judging criteria is comparison to gallery, so now I feel like I have to go above and beyond even more now and push the improvement even further.
(And for my next trick....*drum roll*
So yay!

"Pride just flowed from my eyes"!!!!! I'm going to remember that forever! :lmao:

Well welcome back! I GREATLY look forward to seeing you get back into the game! Or just do what you want, it's all good with everyone here! Art is art and yours is always LOVELY :blowkiss:
Any time you wanna collab, or heck, RP, gimme a holler
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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! I'm in love with that new "trick" you've got going on there!!!

I'm thinking about completely restarting my "barn" that I have. There's a little nordanner foal I've got pending, waiting for that to be approved and then I'll start drawing her. :)
I miss art SO bad and definitely the community. I'm glad to be back!!!
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We'll see how it works out. Could be great... could be a nightmare! :(
I've got a few other entries to hit before that one, but I think I can manage it, more or less

I think a fresh restart is a good idea! Leaves plenty of room for creativity!
Heck, I created a new stable for just realistic horses, but I'm such a hoarder I'm inclined to fill that one up with multi-colored lawn ornaments, too xD
And I can't wait to see your lil Nordie baby! The design is adorable, so I'm sure she'll be a wonderful addition to your barns.
What are your plans for her? I've got Brigadier doing the equiBREAK training course, which is pretty fun, and if you're counting points, sometimes nets you a few in other groups as well
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