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Knight WarStone Dressage

By Spotty001

Last entry! Woot!

Now I get to take a little break and do it all over again in a week or two. Haha...ha....hell...

Knight also has a new ref in the works, so I'm a bit in over my head with all this art and school stuff

Edit: And then I come back to it and the proportions on Kamille are waaaaaay off in comparison to Knight. oops -_-

RCS Silent Knight

Handler: Kamille Reiling

Home Stable: Raven’s Crown Stables

Competition - WarStone Meadows Winter Event

Event: Dressage

Performance Music:…

The day was nearly half over but Kamille was already scowling. The first two performances had gone well, but she was dreading the upcoming ones, and it was obviously affecting her attitude. She hopped into the saddle atop the black gelding and he snorted, picking up on her surly mood. She patted his neck softly. None of this was his fault, he knew that, but she hoped it wouldn't affect his focus as much as it was affecting hers. The entered the arena and she tugged on his reins, pulling them to her chest. For a moment she froze and reconsidered how aggressive that maneuver was, and scowled at herself for taking out her frustration on her mount. Knight didn't seem to notice and kept gracefully performing to the music. He picked up his pace, extending his gait and changing his lead, and Kamille wrenched the reins back nervously, wondering what the gelding was thinking. She gasped in shock at her lack of focus and felt as if she had made some horrible mistake, waiting at any moment to be disqualified for messing up and not following the program. She froze and glanced down at the gelding, who just kept on performing, completely calm. She glanced to the side nervously and let out a sigh of relief upon realizing that they were right on track. She smiled a little, reassured that Knight made up for her lack of focus and knew exactly what to do. Before she knew it, the song came to an end and the gelding loped gracefully back to the middle of the arena, stopping in the center, bowing his head as the reins loosened and Kamille patted his neck appreciatively, grinning.

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Dude, I LUV THIS.  Wow, like, there's definitely an epic story going on here!  And that song, epic win.  OK YOU TOTALLY NEED TO A STORY FOR THIS ASAP.  I really want to read what's going on here.  Good luck in the show!
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lol the song came up on my iPod and I'm like 'Yep, dressage music. Now."

I'm glad I have a few days to write the stories ^^' The deadline was originally yesterday and I busted my chops to get all of em done then it was extended.

Thanks! New ref on the way as well :3
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Hey nice. Still can't wait to read. And oooh, new ref. win!
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