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Knight Cherry Blossom Dressage

By Spotty001

Since we didn't make the competition in time, I'll consider this a training session. The water was good practice for different terrain, and Kamille's costume as well as Knight's tack were a chance to get creative and decorate, definitely a help for future shows


RCS Silent Knight

Handler: Kamille Reiling

Home Stable: Raven’s Crown Stables, USA

Competition: HGW Japanese Cherry Blossom Event


Man, I thought my internet was going to screw me over big time. I had most of this entry done, all that was missing was Kamille's kimono, which I wanted to look up different types and design it accurately, but noooooo. The internet was out from 10'o clock last night to just a few minutes ago (~ 4:20 pm) so I got a hold of the internet at school, pulled up a few photos and hoped I could get the design done. So yep, that's it, it's done. internet screwed me over....I missed the judging and I'm so frustrated right now. I feel like I did all this work for absolutely nothing. Sure, it was good practice, but I've told myself that so many times in the past that now it's a pathetic and empty excuse that I don't believe anymore.

Despite this huge disappointment...
This one was a lot of fun, from the background to the tack to all the details on Kamille(And I was glad I could use some of what I've learned about Japanese architecture from my asian art history class :la: )
Though now it's quite a bit less fun

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Awwww, ebil internet! Will she let in a late entry?

I love everything about this. That bridle, and the kimono, and lantern and the water! Epic epic work. :clap:
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Nope, it's already judged -_- Thank god I have chocolate lying around or this would be a horrible day

I love it too ^^ Shame it couldn't be entered into a competition
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Awww, too bad. Next time right? Still it is beautiful!
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Yep, guess so :/ I'll just consider it as a training image if I can get away with that and use it for points elsewhere
I was thinking of offering commissions this summer, but we'll see. He's participating in the 2014 AUSe Olympics, and I'm really looking forward to that
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Ooooh, an Olympian Timekin!!! I'll be rooting for you guys. :)
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I'm rooting for me too xD Got a loooong time til those are due so there's tons of training to be done
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