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Aww yisss! My blue baby boy is back in action. God I missed this one *sniff*

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I love him so much <3
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I miss drawing him! 
I started student teaching in August, and since then, I haven't been able to do much of anything at all (been terribly dead around here),
so when there's a lull, I'm gunna draw the heck outta my blue baby :happybounce: 
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did I ever tell you, that you are everything I want to be? A teacher, a fancy artist, a very talented artist.... an amazing long term friend..... yah you are just FAB!!!
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did I ever tell you that I miss our conversations and our collabs and our art trades?
I miss seeing your pons and staff and stables in my inbox, and I am SO glad to see you back!
(unfortunately, I've been so busy, I haven't drawn much of anything in MONTHS. Comics, ponies, doodles, nada. SavemeI'mmadie)
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I so feel you all i ever do now is essays and projects! I don't know what I'm going to do once I get into the program!

I really do miss our collage and if you ever post more lines I may just steal them to put some color to them!

I will say that I'm coming back with the mustangs so I don't have to worry about playing with the breeding game anymore! C:
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I know, right? I'm just drowning in them. It's a new one every week, and they're super super frustrating and hard to do because I'm only in a classroom one day a week and ARGHHHHH!!!
And it's those projects, on top of more projects from a related teaching class, and then homework and tests for my two math classes!
I almost can't wait until next semester when I'm there every single day and have more control over the classroom. I hope it's not as stressful.

Yeah, I may do one with our horses together, but I dunno, we'll see!
I also kicked around the idea of YHH training packages for a little spending $, but again, time crunch!

Game or no game, I'm excited to see your pons!
I just started a new non-group attached one, too, (GGS Brigadier) but haven't had any time for him since the start!
When am I going to have time to train him?!?!? Lord.
I'm looking at doing a few show entries, (like this one, you gotta do this one! - Colour Fragment Show - it's going to be such a blast because it's challenging!)
but with the way things are now, it'll probably just be him or nobody doing anything at all
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I AM SO ENTERING THAT SHOW! I am going to enter my baby girl and little wanna be OTTB too, so be ready for some major competition!!!! Also if you want to unload any horses I will take some and turn them all mustang! <3 We have got to talk more!

I can't wait for you to get into the classroom full time. My instructors say that the first semester is really hard but the next one (the full time one) is so much easier. 
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Aww man, you got some good words!!! "Evasion" is a bit difficult, but I think I have a pretty good idea what I want to do (and it'll give folks a few laughs), so I'm really looking forward to starting!
This should be fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with! :boogie: :la:

Haha, I'll think about it! I've got so many, but I have attachments to most, if not all of them, so giving em up is like nooooooooooes hissssss my precioussesssss!!!!

Yeah, I know! It'll be so much easier to get to know the kids better (I know a few names, but i've got 146 of em, so it's a bit of a challenge right now).
And second, I'll be so deep into planning activites and lessons, the projects are going to be easier to complete.
Like right now I've got 3 on backlog to be completed, and there's a new one popping up every week. All three of those current projects require lesson plans,
examples of student work, and giving the kids a whole bunch of assessments, but that's really really hard just being there once a week.
In addition to that, I really don't know too far ahead of time what we're doing in class (and it's not really up to me yet what we do), so in the next few weeks,
there are only a few opportunites. Like both the next projects are video-taped lessons. lol well tough luck, we aren't doing a whole lot of lessons between now and when those things are due
Thank goodness there's a make-up day I can use. I don't absolutely need it, but it's nice to have a back-up plan.
lol sorry, don't mean to scare you with all this unloading. Just a bit stressed. It's actually pretty amazing being in a class and working with kids, especially when you connect with them and they look up to you.
The authority is pretty nice, too. I always wanna jump up and down when I hear someone call me ."Ms.! Ms.!" All the feels :love:
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