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Crystal Skies



2nd Place!

(3rd place overall)

 306 RCE Kilven Avulla Tai Paalle Sen
    25 y/o Elven-Warhorse Mare
Rider/Handler: Abigail Cavallon (25)
Stable Representing: Raven's Crown Equestrian, USA
Event: Cheval D'or Eventing Show Jumping Phase
Starting No. 27 (It's on a little tag on the bridle. Trust me, it's there. Backwards and upside-down.)


Vet Check - Cleared for Takeoff
Warmup - Leaping Lioness
Training 1 - High Hopes
Training 2 - Open Sails
Extra 1: Arrival - Stand Proud
Extra 2: Recreation - Summer Wishes

(May not have time to finish/upload all extras, so some may just be sketches)


Thank god it stopped raining....

Abigail wasn't overly fond of wet weather, and neither was Alkaia. In fact, the mare was outright terrified of any body of water deep enough that she couldn't see her hooves.So of course there was a jump with water. The fraidy-cat nonsense, coupled with slippery footing, could make for a disastrous day. Then again, the point of the jump was to completely clear the water - and then some. So perhaps it wouldn't be so terrible after all.

Note to self: buy a kiddie pool for this one. More trails. More water. Every bath from now on involves more than a puddle.

If Alkaia was to continue her show career in cross country and jumping, encountering the blue unknown was almost mandatory.

Gale could appreciate the horse's caution, but now was not the time for it.

As they waited for their run, she glanced toward the stands, where her family and fellow staff-members anticipated their entrance. She could hear their cheers in her head and it made her smile. In just a few moments she would hear them for real. They could be loud if they wanted to.

She looked up at the sky. A beautiful blue - even more vibrant than her eyes - painted with wisps of cloud. A light breeze soothed away any traces of lingering heat. Perfect weather. Perfect day.

As the previous competitors finished up and made their way away from the field, Alkaia and Abigail both tensed.

Time to go.

Gale lightly nudged the mare's flanks and she graciously charged forward. They briefly inspected the jumps, taking immediate note of the watery trench. Fifth jump.

Compared to that one, the rest seemed simple.

They moved into position and started their run, Gale's ears already buzzing.

They cleared the first few no problem, and she counted them off in her head as they went over each.


Approaching the water, the mare extended her stride, picking up the pace. It was a good sign. Though she could still refuse.

Gale held her breath as they took off.
Then both horse and rider looked down to watch their reflections as they sailed over the water.

Zoom in for details totally hidden by lighting. Warning: massive file.

Un-highlighted WIPs here -

Did more editing on the lighting and transparency. NOW it looks more like a reflection and less like floating in sky abstract weirdness. Though now the saturation has also gone to hell. Can't win. Also made Gale and Alkaia larger.

References: None (you can imagine how much fiddling and altering I had to do after the sketch)
Work time: Approx. 26 hours. Honestly I don't know. I picked at it on Friday and Saturday, worked on it all day Sunday, finished the mane and tail Monday night, did the background Tuesday morning.
Previous Phases:
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