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Another Life

By Spotty001
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GGS Brigadier
7 m/o PRE Colt
Colour Fragment Show 2017
Class: Regular Colour - (Used 15)
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Brig dreams of a past/future/alternate life as a war horse

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Shading is mainly black with some greyscale and a little white (not a lot, white is obnoxious). Shading of the trees is both black and the darkest palette tone. Stone/gravel and arrow are black and greyscale, and the edge of the water is a lighter grey. Grass detail is a black and white grass brush.
I was unsure at first about it, but I love the way this palette worked with Brigadier's coloring! Orange, brown and green are always a good combo!
(And to clarify, when I say black, I mean it's a black layer that's had its transparency/opacity changed (so is that technically greyscale...?))
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