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306 RCE Kilven Avulla Tai Paalle Sen

By Spotty001

RCE Kilven Avulla Tai Päälle Sen

"With Your Shield, or Upon It"

Elven Warhorse Mare

by Raven's Crown Equestrian

Registered Name: RCE  Kilven Avulla Tai Päälle Sen
Call Name: Alkaia Darakehime
Registry #: 306
Age: 25 years
Sex: Mare
Height: 17.3 hh
Elven Words: Bleeding Heart (from forehead to muzzle)
Phenotype: Honey Zircon Flaxen Dappled Chestnut Tobiano
Genotype:  ee/aa/ff/TT
Mutations: Fetlocks (Front only)
Stone Rarity: Precious
Total Rarity: 4
Bloodlines/Lineage: Starter
Discipline: 3DE
Personality: Headstrong and confident, Darakehime won't take no for an answer. 
Usually on the calm side, she prefers to stand back and observe, 
but when challengers come calling, she's the first to fight. 
And she usually wins. Even against stallions and those much larger or more experienced than her. 
She refuses to back down and when she wants something, she takes it without hesitation. 
Though occasionally a little "shoot first ask questions later", she likes to assess 
situations and take appropriate action. She is a loner and has yet to bond
with any person in particular. She also tends to get frustrated easily and lash out. 
A nasty temper and relentless, vicious attacks await any unlucky enough to get on her bad side.
Troop and Rank:
 None Yet

Speed: 6/10
Endurance: 7/10
Steadiness: 8/10
Trainability: 7/10
Sociability: 2/10


:: Breeding Slots and Offspring ::

:bulletgreen: Open! :bulletgreen:
100 Points + Breeding Picture + Slot to Foal
(Price will increase with age + show experience)


:: Show Record ::

Bullet; Blue 0 : Bullet; Red 1 : Bullet; Green 2 : Bullet; Pink 1

:: Training ::

Sweat and Steel - Cheval D'or Cross Country Phase - Training
Leaping Lioness - Cheval D'or Eventing Show Jumping Phase Warmup
Open Sails - Cheval D'or Eventing Show Jumping Phase - Free Jump Training

:: Other Images ::

Trailer Park Tug-of-War - Cheval D'or Cross Country Phase - Arrival Image
Cross Country Standoff - Cheval D'or Cross Country Phase - Vet Check
Let Sparks Fly - Cheval D'or Cross Country Phase - Warmup Image
Cleared for Takeoff - Cheval D'or Eventing Show Jumping Phase - Vet Check
Stand Proud - Cheval D'or Eventing Show Jumping Phase  - Arrival Image
Summer Wishes - Cheval D'or Eventing Show Jumping Phase - Extra Image: Rec



Elven-Warhorse - 45 Points - Standard [Tracker]


Ribbons, Trophies, Honorable Mentions, and Certifications



Tack, Gear, and Prizes

RCE  Kilven Avulla Tai Päälle Sen owned by Spotty001
Design:Custom by :devmatsioferebor:
(If my translations are wrong, for the love of god, someone please correct me. 
The Japanese nickname is an easy fix, her Finnish-based full name I'm not at all confident about)

References: None
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There are some changes going on in the Elven-Warhorse group. This horse now has Rarity Points. Watch the group for more information!

Total Rarity Points - 4
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All EWH must now have genos, here are the options you may choose from for this horse:


Please choose one and add it to the reference.

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ID is 306

Sorry for the wait, I haven't had much access to internet as of late.  
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No worries :)