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120 RCS Valley of the King

By Spotty001

I.D: 120

Name: RCS Valley of the King

Barn Name: King

Breed: Pure Ethereal Horse

Line: Na Mara

Rank: Jester

Color: Silver Black Roan Dun /  EE/aa/ZZ/nD/nRn

Gender: Stallion

SoulSong: The Knight

Personality: Coming Soon!



Oak Brook’s First Annual Dressage Show - Beginner Dressage - Not Judged

Breedings: Closed


Import Design -…




Not uber happy with this ref, but it'll do for now

Another beautiful ethereal ^^ Okay, I swear, I'm done collecting horses for a while xD

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AWWW he turned out so goooood :happybounce:
hope you will have much fun with this cutie :3
Spotty001's avatar
I definitely will ^^ I can't wait to start showing him :D
EndingStories's avatar
wuhuu do you know which events he will join :3
Spotty001's avatar
no idea ^^'  there's a looooooong list of events I'm entering with my other horses, so it may be a while until the two new lovelies make any appearances, but keep an eye out for them :la:
EndingStories's avatar
Of course i watch all my imports ;)
But i habe to say you are the first one who really wants to enter in events with em :)
Spotty001's avatar
haha i gotta say you're the first who's said that. Many are interested in what happens to their imports, but after that it's like meh
hee hee really? well I imagine the prettyful babies are quite a draw to owners. But hey, I'll get there. I just want some ribbons first xD
EndingStories's avatar
No you understand wrong
I will only send you two gebotypes and you could decide and create one of those ;)
No i really love to see my creations growing :))
Spotty001's avatar
haha actually I think you misunderstood me :p
I was referring to people preferring breeding and simply owning horses, over showing and events. I love drawing my horses and it's a good outlet for stress relief(plus a little competition never hurt)

It's really interesting to see what happens to the horses that are given out, and especially fun to enjoy all the artwork. Can't wait to start working with these guys ^^ and down the road breed them. shows first, babies later xD
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Ack, he's girgeous too!! Wow, in love. :3
Spotty001's avatar
I know! That's what I said! I was already going for the mare, then this gorgeous one popped up and the seagulls in my head started going 'mine'
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