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Cuddle Up

Shhh, they're sleepy~

Wanted to doodle Spot and Spike, then it just kind of turned in to a full thing with Azure and Ava popping in too, oops! Ah well.
Spot and Spike's bed always has a ton of pillows and blankets on it because Spot just loves fluffy things and to be able to get comfy wherever she wants. Plus, their current bed was originally meant to be able to fit at least three people, sooo... Whenever the two decide to nap or go to bed, they usually end up with pets somewhere around them. Ava's a total cuddlebug and always curls up near Spot when she gets the chance. Azure just decided that that unclaimed pillow was his this time lmao.

Spike belongs to xNocturnalKittenX 
Ava, Spot, and Azure are all mine. :)

Siiince I believe this is the first time I've posted anything with themmmm
Azure- Originally designed by Moonticore
Ava- Originally designed by Woofwoof-adopts
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I really like the warm colors here! This art looks so cuddly and comfy^^
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Thank you! ^^ That was what I was going for~