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[BP] Traits/Mutation Master Chart



Hello everyone!
With blightlings and witherlings being added to the mix, we know there's been some confusion on how traits will be handled!
Hopefully this chart will help make it a bit easier for everyone to know what they're able to add to their MYOs, and which traits will be designated as Crossed when applied to the opposite species.

In the future we'll be rolling out more ways for beanlings to acquire Crossed traits, but this chart is just for the base distribution of the traits.

Transcription of the chart will be below as well, so if you're trying to figure out anything quickly, you should be able to do a page search to locate things quickly. <3

Note: This will, to the best of my ability, be kept up-to-date with any new traits, or with any changes to exclusivity that are enacted. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to comment here, or to message me or Ceru-Blues either on here or on the Beanling Patch discord!



Ears: Floppy, Other/Legendary

Feelers: Sprout, Other/Legendary

Wings: Bat, Hybrid, None, Elemental, Other/Legendary

Essence Mutation: Droplet*

Body Mutation: Brush, Fluffy Cheeks, Cuff, Dorsal, Scales, Jellyfish, Metallic, Luminescence, Monster Claws, Glitter, Gem Growths, Elongated Body, Floral Growths, Iridescence, Monster Teeth, Other/Legendary

Tail Mutations: Animal Tail Decorated Tail, Two-Tone Writing, Colored Ribbon*, Folded, Multi-Tail, Multi-Length, Other/Legendary

Beanling & Flowerling
Essence: Clear Dew

Bunny, Kitty, Round, Fluffy, Wing, Fin, Fairy

Feelers: Pom, Moth, Feather, Winglet

Wings: Dragonfly, Bubble, Butterfly, Angel, Ribbon, Fish

Flower: [N/A]

Essence Mutation: Floral Dew, Shapes Dew, Plushie Dew, Gem Dew, Other/Legendary Dew

Body Mutation: Fairy Hips, Pod [Beanling Exclusive]

Tail Mutation: [N/A]

Flower Mutation: [N/A]

Flowerling Only

Ears: [N/A]

Feelers: [N/A]

Wings: [N/A]

Flower: [N/A]

Essence Mutation:  Colored Dew, Odd-Form Dew, Horns Dew, Prismatic Dew

Body Mutation: Fairy Lights, Firefly, Second Ears, Fairy Kisses

Tail Mutation: [N/A]

Flower Mutation: Pollen, Multi-Pollen, Wind Chime

Blightling & Witherling
Essence: Round Core, Triangular Core, Diamond Core, Heart Core, Mismatched Core, Odd Shaped Core

Ears: Insect, Hollow, Sonar, Gremlin, Flappy, Tech

Feelers: Sealed, Bug, Batty, Horn, Antenna, Unifeeler

Wings: Cobweb, Beetle, Tag, Bone, Runic, Hover

Flower: [N/A]

Essence Mutation: Sealed Corruption, Crystallized Corruption, Glitch Corruption, Other/Legendary Corruption

Body Mutation: Spikes, Exoskeleton, Gummy Body, Odd Core Placement, Monster Mouth, Monster Eyes, Cybernetic

Tail Mutation: Long String, Fancy Tie, Odd String, Charmed String

Flower Mutation: [N/A]

Witherling Only

Ears: [N/A]

Feelers: [N/A]

Wings: [N/A]

Flower: Miasma, Rune Spiral

Essence Mutation: Floral**, Shapes**, Plushie**, Gem**, Odd Form, Transparent Corruption, Split Corruption, Glowing Corruption, Colored Corruption

Body Mutation: Will-o-Wisp, Multi-Core, Core Frame, Shark, Large Core Window, Floating Core, Fragmented, Rune Bound, Corrupted Veins

Tail Mutation: [N/A]

Flower Mutation: Dessicated

Flowerling & Witherling

Ears: [N/A]

Feelers: [N/A]

Wings: [N/A]

Flower: Standard, Mermaid, Vine, Thicket, Garden, Multi-Flower, Multi-Vine, Other/Legendary

Essence Mutation: [N/A]

Body Mutation: Whiskers, Skirt, Veil, Halo

Tail Mutation: Charm: Simple, Charm: Fancy, Multi-Charm

Flower Mutation: [N/A]


* Inherently available for Blightlings & Witherlings, as a free trait/mutation.

** These mutations can only apply to Witherlings if they also have the “Transparent Corruption” Mutation.

-All Tail Lengths are universal.

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