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“Alright, alright, settle down, little ones,” Prism giggled, gently ruffling Tauri’s hair as the beanling kept trying to boost himself to be able to see past her. “I’d have expected you to be a little more tuckered out by now, since you were gone all day.”

Powder stifled a quiet yawn, and Dawn couldn’t help but give an amused hum at the timing. Prism smiled, “Ah, there it is. I thought it was about your bed-times.”

“But I wanna know what you’re working on,” Tauri said, once again trying to push himself over to the side instead to try to look past Prism toward the counter that she had been working at. With a chuckle, the flowerling easily swept up the curious bean into her arms.

“Well, then you’ll really want to go to sleep soon, because it’s a surprise until the morning.” The dreamcatcher-winged flowerling told him, booping her nose against her son’s affectionately. “And only good little beans are going to really get to find out, so no more trying to sneak peeks, alright?”

Tauri ducked his head sheepishly, but nodded. “Alright, mama.”

“Come on then, off to bed!” Prism announced. Dawn and Powder followed obediently behind as the flowerling led them to the stairway. With a parting kiss on his head, she placed Tauri down and gently nudged him on his way. After Powder and Dawn both received their own good-night kisses and “love you”s and “good night”s were exchanged, Prism straightened once more.

She smiled fondly as she watched the top of the stairs, listening for the sounds of the beanlings to settle as the three got themselves to bed. The young beans had all been out for the day, searching for eggs and enjoying sweets and the festivities over on Jesen island with Mum; they’d come back with baskets all filled with chocolates (and various pretty stones, in Powder’s case). And now that they were home and settled, Prism turned her attention back to her project.

Fluff and fabric had been rather quickly hidden underneath a nearby basket when she’d heard the little ones returning. It was only now, certain that they wouldn’t be peeking, that she removed the supplies once more. The trio of soft easter rabbit plushes were nearly done; two of them were already stuffed with fluff, and the third was nearly ready for it as well. Then, it would just be a matter of getting their ribbons attached and getting them into their proper places for the beans to find in the morning.

“Alright, back to it. Now where did that needle go-” The flowerling mumbled to herself, looking around her workspace.

“Think I could pull you away from your work for a bit longer, amor?”

Prism couldn’t help the instantaneous smile that came across her face at the words. She glanced up, finding Jericho behind her, the already-threaded needle she’d been looking for in his hand. He gave her an apologetic, gentle smile; their unspoken acknowledgement of his being late coming home.

Before he could offer any explanation, the taller flowerling was wrapped up in a tight embrace. Prism rubbed her cheek against his affectionately, her wings fluttering happily at her partner’s return. Jericho laughed lightly, careful of the needle as he returned the hug.

“Hi, amor… Everything go alright today?”

Prism nodded, “Mhm~ Everything went just fine. Missi’s watching the inn right now, and the kids all had a wonderful day with Mum, it sounds like. I was just going to finish up their bunnies, but I can wait a little while. Did you need something?”

Jericho placed a kiss on her forehead, smiling warmly, “Not particularly, cielito. Just think you’d want to come outside for a bit if you have the time. It’s a beautiful night.”

Prism laughed lightly, squeezing him tight for a moment before nodding, “Alright. But just for a bit, then. And I should make you help me with the plushies once we come back in.”

“Of course, amor.”


“Oh, my. Is that magic?”

“I believe so.”

Prism stared out into the sky, eyes wide with wonder as she and Jericho made their way into the open air. A soft glow painted the sky with pinks, purples, and greens that were vaguely reminiscent of the auroras that could be seen over Versii.

“Oh, no wonder Cube was checking in earlier. Did she say anything about this?”

Jericho watched as his wife floated farther out, the lights making her crystals glitter. “She said that there might be some visible channels of the magic returning to its normal flow now that Sprouting Season has passed. So I’d guess that that’s what it is.”

Prism paused, looking up at the glow. “That makes sense…”

Her wings seemed to droop the smallest bit, and Jericho’s brows knit in concern. He drifted closer to her, gently wrapping an arm around her middle to pull her close.

“What is it, amor?”

“Oh, it’s… It’s nothing,” Prism responded, then laughed weakly, “It’s just the whole thing of sprouting season being over. It’s silly, isn’t it?”

Jericho hummed, thoughtful. “I don’t think so. Have you changed your mind?”

“No… Or, well, maybe?” The light flowerling brushed her hair back with a hand, nervous, “I don’t know. We have Powder and Dawn, and now little Tauri too. It’s not like we don’t have little ones to look after. I guess it’s just that pull from the magic, you know? It could be nice to be able to have a little sproutling of our own.”

She fidgeted, looking nervous, “But even then, I don’t think I could bear to have a whole batch. The little seeds are so quick to fly off sometimes, you know, and I don’t know if I could be okay knowing they weren’t with us. And I- well, it doesn’t matter much now, does it?” Prism laughed gently, looking toward her husband, “Sprouting season is over. Maybe next year I’ll get myself sorted out.”

Jericho sighed softly, just placing another kiss on Prism’s head. “If that’s what you want, then we’ll have time for it, amor.”

Prism nodded, leaning against his shoulder. “I know,” she smiled, “I think that’s part of the trouble too. I don’t know what I’d wish for…” The soft flowerling placed a kiss on his cheek, “All I’d want is to be able to be with you forever, and I think I might already have that.”

Jericho chuckled, taking Prism’s hand and pressing a kiss to it, “You do, mi cielito. We’ll make sure of it. That’s my wish as well…”

The two stayed outside for only a few minutes more, comfortably close as they admired the fluctuating glow over Solei. With Jericho’s fairy lights blinking around them, the two didn’t notice the glow that formed behind them; nor the little seed pod that it left behind, nestled safely in one of the baskets meant for the beanlings in the morning.


A little insight to Prism and Jericho's little home. :) Had been for the Beanling-Patch monthly prompt last month.

Prism, Jericho, Powder, and Dawn are all mine
Tauri belongs to xNocturnalKittenX 
And flowerlings and beanlings are a closed species by @/Toffee-Tama :heart:
© 2021 Spottednova
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