Animal Farm

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Unfortunate affair
All kinds of dangers
Summed up in a single word

Worse than that
Summed up in a single word

All the animals
Without further question
Accepted his explanation
Summed up in a single word

Too drunk to remember
The Seven Commandments
On his own
Had died
As an assignment in English (yes, I know, again), we had to write a poem based on words/phrases we found in the book we were reading. I was reading Animal Farm at the time (GREAT book), and this is what I came up with.

Not really "fan" work, we were just supposed to "embrace the theme of the book". And my teacher's comments on the grading page, "Wonderful! You really captured the book!" ...just like to throw in comments.

This poem has been plagiarized.
Anyone who cares, go raise a ruckus.

Comments are greatly appreciated!

Hope you enjoy!

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LailaRebels's avatar
Sorry about the plagiarism i write poems too and hate that happening to me. Glad it is resolved now
SaM-cHeWy's avatar
Sorry 'bout the plagiarism -- that's no fun! GREAT piece, though. :) I actually just did a thing about Animal Farm myself, also for English class.