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Mother Earth's Chess
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Published: June 25, 2010
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...and it's our move.

Please, scroll down and read everything. It's our chance to make a difference.

On April 20th, BP's offshore oil rig exploded, as I'm sure most of you already know. The current estimate is that 800,000 to 4,200,000 US gallons of crude oil could be spilling into the Gulf every day. Not only that, but the methane content of this oil is estimated to be 40%, as compared to the usual 5% in most crude oil. This is becoming increasingly problematic because of its effect on the wildlife in and near the ocean. The oil is now also washing up on shore on multiple southern US states. So far, all of BP's efforts to fix the leaking well have failed, some releasing even more oil in the process. It's been over a month now, and even with as much technology as we have today, nothing has worked. Right now, the next attempt is to drill expensive relief wells (costing about $100 million a piece) down to the original borehole and pump in drilling fluid to stop the leak. Whether or not they will work, however, we will not know until at least August.

I've been thinking... how would the response be different if the same number of humans were dying because of this as the amount of wildlife? I can't help but feel effort would be greater. Like it or not, we are dependent on these animals as well. The Earth's entire ecosystem as a whole is reliant on every single part. So yes, many families, communities, and economies are suffering. I know that's really bad, but sadly that's just not enough of an incentive for the groups at fault to stop this and clean it up more quickly. But we still are killing an incredible amount of wildlife.

And quite frankly, it's not just one company or one small part of the government to blame. There are so many things that each one of us could have done and could still do to help. It's our apathy and "someone else will do it" attitude that is harming us the most. There are so many little, easy ways for us to help that together will make a huge difference and can literally change the world.

I drew this as part of :iconyuumei:'s effort to raise awareness, Remember Tomorrow. Two of the easiest ways to help are to draw something of your own to raise awareness You can submit it to her contest folder... you might even win a prize if that is your incentive, though for me it's not so much about the contest as the thought behind it. Or, you could go and join the facebook group dedicated to the cause. All that takes is one click to the "like" button, then inviting your friends to help spread the word. Just look up the group "remember tomorrow."

Please, join with us. Draw your own piece about the spill, or write a poem about it. Write a song if you can, or just spread the word. Read Yuumei's journal, and enter her contest, here: [link]

:icondemonicsyco: is making wildlife jewelry, which you can buy from her etsy here [link] and she will donate $10 from every sale to the Environmental Defense Fund Emergency Response.

:iconcherybery: is selling prints of her painting "Save Our Home" [link] and donating all of the profits to the National Wildlife Fund.

:iconanimal-lover-fans: has put together quite an amazing calender to raise money, the news article is here [link]

And I know that I haven't even put a dent in the number of people trying to help! If you'd like me to add your efforts to my list, just comment or send me a note with a link. There are an amazing number of people in the deviantArt community doing what they can to help, and it's amazing.

Also, Dawn is donating $1 from every bottle of soap they sell to help wildlife. That might not seem like much, but just think about how many people buy their products... it adds up fast.

There are also tons of petitions you could sign to help ban offshore drilling. Or, ask to donate your hair next time you get it cut to the efforts to help soak up the oil. Just use oil less - take public transportation more to help save on fuel consumption, or ride a bike or walk. It doesn't take much, and if everyone helps out just the tiniest bit, it can make a huge impact. Please, join our efforts, and help!


Now, to talk about the art! ;P

It's all freehanded in the GIMP, with the water being partly a photo I took at the WWII memorial in DC, overlayed to help with the ripples. Took forever and a half, since I'm really bad at drawing hands, but actually only drew it in two days. Feels like forever and a half, though... At least six to eight hours, though. (That's really not that long, now is it... sorry, I've had a lot on my plate recently.) The idea is that we are playing chess with mother nature, who is only trying to survive. Hence, all the chess pieces being animals except the king. The Top of the black rook on her hand is the oil rig, the oil her blood. (Think about it, isn't oil the Earth's blood?) We are forcing the Earth to turn on itself and upset the balance we live in. If we are not careful, we will hurt everything that keeps up alive... It's our move now.

Comments & critiques are appreciated, as always! :D

I'd just like to thank eveyone that has added this to their favorites or a collection. Actually, I got way more of a response than I could have imagined. I'd usually thank everyone individually, but there's too many of you! So a huge amount of thanks to all of you and to the groups who have accepted or requested this for their galleries. I know that people like it and are considering the problem, and that was my goal. Thank you! :hug:
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All I can for Gaia in this one.
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And thanks for commenting! It means a lot!
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You're welcome :)
Brilliant imagery. It just a shame that such a disaster was needed to inspire us all. :(
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Thanks... I agree, though, it's quite sad... :|
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I guess we just have to do our bit.
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this is a great piece. The rig on the hand is especially powerful.
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Thanks, I really appreciate it! :hug:
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