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Lizard gecko by shinysuicune245
Ceethafly by shinysuicune245
very fast falcon by shinysuicune245
cheetah suicune by shinysuicune245
Adventureland Showcase: Saola by MaastrichiangGuy
Adventureland Safari: Saola Hunt by MaastrichiangGuy
Cabela's Trophy Tour: Eastern Black Rhinoceros by MaastrichiangGuy
Cabela's Trophy Tour: Kalahari Gemsbok by MaastrichiangGuy
wild cats
Dinoland USA Showcase: Northern Pleistocene Jaguar by MaastrichiangGuy
Restaurantosaurus Tour: Hoplophoneus Skull by MaastrichiangGuy
Maharajah Safari: Bengal Tiger Claw by MaastrichiangGuy
Maharajah Safari: Bengal Tiger Skull by MaastrichiangGuy
Sal Murdocca's Eastern Dire Wolf by MaastrichiangGuy
Cabelas Trophy Tour: Wolf Of Ketchikan by MaastrichiangGuy
Sandy the Fruit Loving Fox by Louisetheanimator
African Hunting Dogs in Zoo by Louisetheanimator
Dinosaur: Cape Moschops Model by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur: Robertia Model by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur: Arroyo Dimetrodon Model by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinoland USA Showcase: Munsters Rhamphorhynchus by MaastrichiangGuy
bird and dinosaur
Dinoland USA Showcase: Eotyrannus by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinoland USA Showcase: Hypsilophodon by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinoland USA Showcase: Leptoceratops by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur: Compsognathus by MaastrichiangGuy
Meganeuropsis by MaastrichiangGuy
Luna Caterpillar by Louisetheanimator
Caterpillar by Louisetheanimator
Bumblebee on a flower by Kajenna
rodents, wombats, and other small mammals
Dinosaur: Glamorgan Morganucodon by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur: Early Mammals Of The Cretaceous by MaastrichiangGuy
Maharajah Safari: Skull Of The Flying Fox by MaastrichiangGuy
Maharajah Safari: Glass Encased Flying Fox Skull by MaastrichiangGuy
Discovery Island Showcase: Green Tree Frog by MaastrichiangGuy
Discovery Island Safari: Frog On A Log by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur: Tiktaalik by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur: Microbrachis by MaastrichiangGuy
Dinosaur: Rotliegend Xenacanthus by MaastrichiangGuy
Dino Institute Tour: It Came From The Cretaceous by MaastrichiangGuy
Dino Institute Tour: Black Crappie by MaastrichiangGuy
Dino Institute Tour: Green River School by MaastrichiangGuy
Harvestman by Louisetheanimator
mythical and oc's
Adventureland Showcase: Giant Anaconda by MaastrichiangGuy
Maharajah Safari: Anandapur's Water Denizens by MaastrichiangGuy
aquatic mammals
South Georgia Penguin Centre: Predatory Dolphin by MaastrichiangGuy
invertibrates, jellyfish, snails, ect
Dinosaur: Burgess Shale Anomalocaris Model by MaastrichiangGuy
bears and other large mammals
Yeti Museum: Liucheng Ape Display by MaastrichiangGuy
mixed species
Dinosaur: Quetzalcoatlus by MaastrichiangGuy








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We support all the spotted and striped animals! from cheetahs, tigers, zebra, thyacine, leopard, leopard gecko, jaguar, apaloosa horse, pufferfish, ocelot, gulf frillarly, spotted caiman, spotted tailed quoll and all the animals, spotted and striped!

if you have a deviation in which the subject is beautifully marked/colorful/has great contrast between them and the background, submit here

we also hold a monthly mini game called guess the spots/stripes where the group posts a partial picture of an unknown animal, and you have to guess from the markings what animal it is!
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Sep 19, 2010


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displaying beautiful animals

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Sorry if your deviation took a long time to go through, or just plain expired. i've been pretty inactive when it comes to this group, so i need a few active members with group experience help go through the submitted deviations.
theres only a few rules to accepting a deviation
1~ make sure the animal has a high contrast compared to the background, or has some kind of repeated patterns or markings.
2~ it has to be moderate quality, with an animal that is identifiable from the thumbnail
3~ no pixilated photos (I.E phone point and clicks)

please and thank you!
More Journal Entries

spots and stripes are gorgeous!


Most endangered animals have spots and stripes

right? so instead of making another

'endangered-animal-club' we made a spots and

stripes club, dedicated to masters of disguise,

fashionistas, evolved to elude, or just plain


welcome to elaborate world of reticulations and

collages of fur, scales, skin, or feathers.

admire the crazy-wild hair-dos and paintings

these animals evolved to have, from honey bees to

giraffes, cheetahs to luna moths, gaze upon the

junoseque patterns of a most interesting kingdom, animals.


----:iconletter-fplz: :iconletter-aplz: :iconletter-qplz:----

there are very simple rules to abide to. here they are

-- no nude anthro's or pornography
-- only submit with boldly marked real ANIMALS. you may submit fantasy characters or pictures into the folder 'mythical and oc's'

commonly asked questions:

:bulletblue:#1- what do i submit?-

spots-and-stripes will only accept photos/drawings/ect. that have animals with beautiful markings (spots, stripes, dots, splotches, or even animals that are brightly colored and not striped or spotted)
and if the subject has great enough color contrast with the background, the picture will be accepted.

~~~~if your deviation includes human buildings/items, that goes to the folder domesticated and to the folder of the genera of that animal. if it has a real HUMAN in it, it goes to domesticated ONLY

:bulletred:#2- what will I get from this group?-

we have a monthly mini contest called guess the spots or stripes where you are given a partial photo of markings from an unknown animal and you guess the animal owner of those markings. donate prizes to help!
well hopefully in the next year or so, we will be able to start contests, but we need support and info on how to. but with this group, for now, your art will become more popular.

:bulletgreen:#3- how can we support the group?-

if you advertise us and submit art, we will get more popular, and therefore, you will to. the larger the group, the larger your audience!

:bulletyellow:#4- what does the group focus on that we will be talking about?-

we are a big group about animal cruelty and endangered animals and since most endangered animals that have spots or stripes have been poached into endangerment has inspired me, cheetahsintheearth, to create this group. we will focus on those animals mostly.

non endangered animals will be accepted also

:bulletpurple:#5- how will my art support the endangered animals?-

well if you draw them and raise popularity, more people will be inspired to conserve them.
i support cheetahs, which are extremely underrated compared to other big cats such as tigers and leopards. you could support whooping cranes, spotted owls, African wild dogs, etc. so please submit as many underrated endangered animals as possible!

Oh No! your question not here? just send us a message or comment with your question, thanks!

cheetahsintheearth ~ <3

:icongiraffeplz: :iconzebraplz: :iconcheetahplz::iconafricanwilddogplz: spots-and-stripes

:iconletter-vplz::iconletter-iplz: ...

amur leopard group article! -…


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Is this group still active?
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I think it is now I've changed the settings so members artwork can be accepted.
Patchi1995 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hi! I added the picture of my centaur OC's, because Katherine had stripes, while her boyfriend Jacques had spots.
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But on the picture is a marsupial.
Where can I upload them ?
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Hey :)
I wanted to ask, I upload some pictures here.
But they get expired. Can I upload them again or is something wrong with them ?



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