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Dr. Stuart Hines {Part 7} :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 1 4
Fire gorl by spotedanddotted Fire gorl :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 1 1
Dr.Stuart Hines {Part 6}
“You ready?” Terrance said, looking at his swollen co-worker.  Stuart nodded, looking pale and shaky. Terrance led Stuart into a closed-off room in a building where only the highest level security clearance was allowed. Terrance showed his badge to the guard, Stuart didn’t have to. His gravid appearance showed prominently that he was the ‘test subject’.
The room was set up like a hospital room, except more monitors. Stuart sat down on the bed and let Terrance help him recline. Stuart was eight months pregnant with twins, but he looked overdue. His twins had run out of room and Stuart had been feeling them moving less as it was just so tight in their cramped home. Although today they were rather rowdy. It seemed like they knew there going to be evicted.
Stuart winced as vein was pierced and the I.V. was taped to his skin. He just tried to focus on his breathing as the contractions hit. More and more scientists were slowly gathering in his room. Some of
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~Lazy days~ by spotedanddotted ~Lazy days~ :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 2 2
Dr. Stuart Hines {Part 5}
“You’ve really filled out,” Terrance said looking at Stuart’s butt while he waddled down the hall and into the room with the sonogram machine. Stuart had never liked this section of the lab, it creeped him out. So he waddled as quickly as he could in his gravid state.
“Am I getting too big?” Stuart asked, clambering onto the cold metal tabled, with some difficulty, but he was dealing with his new size better than he thought he would.
“Well, you are having twins, really big alien twins. ” Terance said setting up the sonogram.
“Are they too big?” Stuart whimpered, looking down at his belly.
“Well, they are bigger than most babies should be at 28 weeks.” Terrance sighed facing the screen. “You might have to be induced soon.”
“Induce me? When?” Stuart yelled.
“As soon as possible, next week at the latest,” Terrance said still facing the screen.
“But, I-I’m not even full t
:iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 3 2
Dr.Stuart Hines {Part 4}
His head brushed the ceiling, so he had to keep his antennae pinned down, flat against his head. His jet-black hair came halfway down his back. His green skin, sharp teeth, and half a dozen eyes made him look imposing.
He grabbed the tiny, quivering scientist up with his four strong arms. Stuart was nearing 6’1”. He had never been considered ‘short’ but when he stood beside the 10-foot tall alien he did look very small.
The alien smiled looking at his belly and plopped the scientist on the couch. Stuart whimpered as the alien kneeled down to look in his eyes.
“You look surprised to see me.” The alien smirked.
“How’d you get in my house?” Stuart whined. The alien held his finger up to Stuart's mouth, shushing him. “Xenoth” Stuart mumbled the alien's name.
“You’ve gotten so big.” Xenoth sighed, tracing Stuart’s navel with one of his claws. Stuart whined more, his navel had become painfully sensitive
:iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 3 6
Dr. Stuart Hines {Part 3}
“Twins,” Stuart sighed, “I knew it.”
“Yeah you did,” Terrance said, his mouth still slightly agape. Stuart stared at the screen looking at the two shapes illustrated on the monitor. He saw one of the shapes begin to move. He watched its little foot kick the side of Stuart’s womb, Stuart placed his hand where he felt the kick.
Stuart was just trying to live his life as normally as he could. He tried his best to pay as little mind to his growing bump as he could. His solution to the whirlwind of emotions he was feeling was to ignore the source. His son and daughter didn’t deserve to be ignored and neglected, but Stuart was at a loss as to what he should do. He was going through a lot, all alone. He stumbled into the kitchen one morning, opening the cabinet and popping a mint in his mouth to get rid of the overpowering taste of vomit lingering in his mouth. He hadn’t been able to eat a meal without it coming back up, and it showed. H
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Dr. Stuart Hines {Part 2}
Stuart hissed as the unforgiving, latex gloves made contact with his bare skin. His colleague’s eyes went wide, feeling around the tight skin. Stuart wasn’t very fond of being poked and prodded, and neither was the creature inside of him. Unfortunately, he was required to be examined by another scientist, like clockwork, every goddamn week, one of the other scientists he worked with was knocking on his door. He knew he’d, in some weird way, been demoted from a scientist and was now a test subject. He had moved to Blackwood to do research. It was a strange town, it had an eerie atmosphere and Stuart was not a fan. His supervisor wanted to send him down here, there were reports of extraterrestrial activity. Lots of extraterrestrial activity, the kind that gets a man pregnant.
Stuart wasn’t the biggest fan of his associates, he was a prodigy, and they treated him like one. Stuart was doing more than most people his age. He was 22 and already had a doctorate in astr
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Dr.Stuart Hines {Part 1}
The young exobiologist was ecstatic over his newfound fame.  his name had been getting tossed around on the news, in magazines, and other forms of the media, even though he wanted to keep things a secret he sure was enjoying all the attention. His condition was strange and possibly dangerous, but unique, very unique. Stuart was being asked for interviews, he was on magazine covers, billboards, he was everywhere. Pictures of the 22-year-old man holding his belly and smiling where everywhere. Stuart had always wanted to be famous for his discoveries, but he never thought I’d be like this.
“Young exobiologist is host to alien parasites.” “22-year-old scientist: about to become an interstellar dad” and “Curiosity killed the cat and knocked up the scientist: Dr. Stuart Hines is carrying a strange alien life Inside of him!” were some of the most common headlines. The sad truth was, he didn’t become an award-winning scientist by his own acc
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Young And Stupid by spotedanddotted
Mature content
Young And Stupid :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 2 5
It's himm by spotedanddotted It's himm :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 7 0 Moar adopts by spotedanddotted Moar adopts :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 6 8 Smiley Boy by spotedanddotted Smiley Boy :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 8 0 Sad and sleepy by spotedanddotted Sad and sleepy :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 4 4 Kittydogos by spotedanddotted Kittydogos :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 15 0 So this is a thing by spotedanddotted So this is a thing :iconspotedanddotted:spotedanddotted 2 0



Alex B.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey, there my dudes, the name's Alex. I'm a digital... well I wouldn't call myself an artist, I'm a digital drawer? but anyway I hope you enjoy my gallery. Feel free to send a note my way anytime if you have any questions for me or just wanna chat. I'm a pretty chill person, I don't bite (Anymore)

My Tumblr:
My other (18+) account: magicmaker360
My discord tag: Spotedanddotted#2325



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#showyourheart Community love: :iconallkindsofhelp: this group is fairly new but I love it. It was made with good intentions and I really hope to see them grow in popularity!!!
Hey, there my dudes. It's been a rough week, I've been super busy and haven't had time to write. I have a few paragraphs and a little dialogue done of Stuarts lil story I've been working on. It should be done and ready to post sometime next week. (No guarantees)
Heyyyyy big inactivity spell coming us soon, sorry
In the words of my science teacher "Yes, it can bite you with its butt"
Dang, it's been a while since I've updated my lil story I was working on. I'm sorry guys, but I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about it, there are only like two people reading it lol. The past few weeks have been pretty rough on me so, I haven't felt like writing. I can't stick to the 'new part every weekend, preferably by Friday' schedule I told myself to follow. I'm not sure when I'll end up posting the last part...maybe never. It shall go unfinished just like "Like We Were Lovers" (Bonus points to whoever remembers that train wreck of a comic). In the meantime, you can check out my Instagram… (spotedanddotted is my username everywhere so if you ever want to find me anywhere that's the name to look for)  

AlSo! Should I do a 'face reveal'? I did one in the past but I had to take it down for personal reasons, some of you might remember but I've gained several new watchers since then. 


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