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DLC Model Challenge 13 - Miraculous

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My latest entry in DesignLoversChall's model challenge. This one is based off of this animated kids' show called "Miraculous", which, from my understanding, is about these two kid superheroes. I've sort of heard of this show, but I'm not familiar with it. Anyway, we were each given a piece of animal jewelry and had to create some sort of superhero costume based on the animal the piece of jewelry was representing. Aisling got this gazelle necklace:…. If there were colored jewels in our assigned piece of jewelry, we had to incorporate them into our superhero outfit. If, like mine, they didn't have jewels, we had to incorporate the colors of the animal the piece of jewelry was representing. For mine, I created a brown skin-tight bodysuit to represent the body of a gazelle, black boots to represent the hooves, and black ice spikes to represent the antlers. It actually wasn't as hard to do as I thought. It was just trying to figure out how to do it.

Made with Azalea's Dolls Snow Queen.

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