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Today marks the 40th Birthday of the hungriest, fattest, grumpiest and funniest cat of all time-Garfield! :icongarfieldplz:
Ever since he debuted on June 19th, 1979, He's just about done it all!
He even met his real life counterpart, Grumpy Cat! :icongrumpycat-plz:
So, Happy Birthday Big Guy!
Enjoy some :iconlasagnaplz: on us! 
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I want to wish all of my friends and watchers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
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I don't feel 45! :lol:
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Yesterday, The world lost one of the comic book world's most legendary icons - Adam West.
He died at age 88 from leukemia. 
He is forever known as the 60s version of Batman, Not as serious as the other but beloved nonetheless. 
He was also well known as being the bright spot on Family Guy! :iconadamwestplz:

Goodbye Mr. West and Thank you! :iconsadbatmanplz:
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I want to take a moment to wish my friends and watchers here on DA a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year! :santa:
The world has lost not only the greatest boxer who ever lived but a humanitarian and amazing Human Being, Muhammad Ali at the age of 74.
His long, terrible fight with Parkinson's Disease is over.
Rest In Peace to the Greatest Of All Time! 
I wonder kind of Tomfoolery DA has come up with this year? 

Let's hope it's more creative than the last few years! 
I want to wish everyone on DeviantArt a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D :santa:
And so, I have returned!
I'm now in northern Georgia, just a stone's throw from Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Currently looking for a job.
Finally, I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.
I appreciate it!
Now, To catch up on here!
As the headline says, I'm moving to Georgia tomorrow morning.
As a result, I won't be here for while.
Needless to say, This year will be a very strange Birthday for me on Tuesday!
But never fear, I shall return! :D
Take care everyone! :)
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Today, We as horror fans and as fans of classic films honor the legendary king of scares :iconvincentpriceplz: on what would have been his 104th Birthday!
Let's honor his memory with this glorious clip!

I love how he so joyfully describes the woes of humanity! :lol:
Leonard Nimoy, Sci-Fi and animation Legend, Best known as the no nonsense Mr. Spock :iconspockplz: on the 60's series (And many movies) Star Trek died today at age 83.
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I want to take a moment to wish of my friends and followers a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year! :w00t:
Well, With the exception of a monstrous hail storm in Montana and briefly getting lost in the Kansas side of Kansas City, The move went off without a hitch! 
Now to get situated here (Job & a permanent place to stay)! :D
As of Sunday, I'll be leaving Florida and moving to Washington state.
To say that I'm nervous is a giant understatement.
At the same time, I'm looking forward to a new adventure.
Not entirely sure when I'll be back but I shall return! :D
Until then, Everyone take of yourselves! :)
With tomorrow being April Fool's Day, What kind of half baked scheme does DA have planned for this year?
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I would to wish all of my friends and followers on DA a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :iconchristmastreeplz:
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Today is the birthday of a very important man.
A man who was a pioneer in slapstick comedy.
His name is Jerome "Curly" Howard of the legendary Three Stooges.
He would have turned 110 today (10/22/1903).

So, in honor of this great man, I present the perfect video:
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I received a very pleasant surprised last night.
I got a 1 year premium membership from :iconkd8lmno:
First time that I've gotten one from anybody during my years stuck in this hell hole of a cantina! :D
Thanks so much Jay! :)

Well, I see that the mad scientists behind DA have taken another step towards being like Facebook.
Now they've added mentions.
Also, "fancy" new symbols representing your status on the site. 
Big whoop. :icongrumpycat-plz:

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Anyone who's watched my gallery for any length of time knows that I like to share some of the strange stuff around my area.

Well, This one takes the cake!…

A British photographer took some photos of Church by the Sea in Maderia Beach and figured that the building's design looks like a Chicken!

As it turns out, the bird design was no mistake. When it was built by fishermen in the 1940s, it was based on an old sea tale that a bird would look over them as return from their voyages!

Just another piece of Florida weirdness! :D (As many times as I walked by this place over the years, I never really noticed that before! :shrug:)
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