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Damaged Mizer by Sporthand Damaged Mizer by Sporthand
During the war between Mtossa and Zerdun between A.C 2000-A.C 2014, Professor Goldmountain, who is a father of Lieutenant Goldmountain, created Mizer.

Mizer can communicate physics and chemical reaction with computer programs.
At the day, Mizer is statistically very stable, and it maintains power 21000 Joules measured by scientists at the International police Department.
The problem is at the night time. Mizer can overwhelmingly 6900000 Joules exceeded, so about 6.9*((10)^7)% has unstably increased. No one survives within 500 km half diameter because of too much exposing energy. This sudden and unstable change will cause spawning lethal creatures, producing blue toxic fog, and changing extreme cold climate.

During the war between human and elves in 2000- 2014, one of his crews dropped Mizer in the middle lands of Zerdun because he wanted to stop the meaningless war. The enormous explosive and noise could hear from entire lands of Zerdun. Then, he committed suicides with his handgun. After several weeks, some of the Goldmoutain's ground units told they spotted the unidentified creatures. After the outbreak, two of third human soldiers were overrun by the creatures and were bombed by Goldmoutain's Jadge team's automatic 150mm guns due to forceful command by General Ersker, and rest of the survivors were busy to escape. All different officials from different countries never answered the question about the outbreak.

Many Zerdun people (elves, not human) immigrated to the lands of Mtossa (continent name; not country name) and became undocumented citizens in the lands of Mtossa. Most Zerduns in Mtossa became working class. Rest of Zerdun survivors remains in hidden places. After the war ended, many humans and elves suffered from loss of their family's members and international budget crisis. Professor Goldmountain usually feels guilty and depressed. He knows the his dark-shaded political society, New World Assembly, also wants to find broken Mizer to research and take over the power of digital sorcery.
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