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Tales of Blood ATL - Uruguay FS Battle of Britain by Sport16ing Tales of Blood ATL - Uruguay FS Battle of Britain by Sport16ing
After the Admiral Graf Spee was scuttled in Montevideo and the auxiliary cruiser Carnarvon Castle was not only kept longer for repairs, but also by using the steel plates for the german "pocket battleship" in the same month (!), an infuriating Hitler broke
diplomatic relations and gave 32 hours to all Uruguayan staff to leave the country, on the last week of December/that year, was did Hungary.
A month later, Edward Wood
, the Foreign Secretary at the time, went in behalf of Chamberlain, to the embassador of Uruguay, to propose that Uruguay joins the war on behalf off the Allies, and in return, they will gain Tristan da Cunha island. After consulting their president, they accept, with the only condition been that they are only to be used for defense purposes (they didn't want to lose many young men in useless attack, like the Entente did in WWI) and they all are volunteer, been affraid the Argentina could use the opportunity to invade. Edward accepted, and on 28 of January of 1940, Uruguay was formally at war with Germany and Hungary.
The initial forces sent to Europe where 2 fighter squadrons horde of men and 1 infantry division. Too late to take action in France, both squadrons (362 (U) - U for Uruguay; and the 363 (U) )where trained and equiped with Hawker Hurricanes MkI and sent to Group 10, the most western off all groups, while the infantry division was trained with British (and some US lend-lease) equipment to defend the island of Wright off an german invasion (that never happen).
Was seen above, both squadrons had different identification marks that others squadrons based in any part off the UK (and almost themselves, with the only differense been the squadron codes). Both had their UK roundels below the wings removed, an kinda-Mayan sun on a white square behind the cockpit, an blue spinner and a Uruguayan flag on the rudder, to differenciate for the squadrons.

PS: So... what do you think off this? Should I continue on this new ATL (Tales of Blood) or cancel already and continue on my other literature one?
the-roast Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Not bad, although I suggest looking at the shading on some of the aircraft that me/Sketchy made.

light shade = top/fabric
regular shade = basically the color of the aircraft
dark shade = spars/such
darker shade = spars below the wings/horizontal stabalizers
black = outline of the aircraft
Sport16ing Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017
Gonna try on the next aircraft
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