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Luftwaffe 1946, V1, Issue No.1 - Page 27

Do they? Find out tomorrow!
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Interesting comic, the art style is pretty cool :).
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thx for the comment and thx for the watch ;)

By the way, what's the ATL of the fantasy FW-190 of WS-Clave?…
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You're welcome :). I've been looking through the comic, you do an awesome job. It's an interesting concept as well. 

It's part of a little plot I haven't done much with, though I've used the plot as part of a few role plays. Essentially the plane was acquired by a mercenary team working for the US, with the help of a defecting luftwaffe pilot. The team ends up using German planes primarily, barely changing the insignia. They did this to be able to slip into formations and cause havoc. The 190 would be the plane used by the protagonist. I actually have two variations of the idea, if you want to chat in notes we could do that. 
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Good plot

About the comic, like I said to the other's, I'm not the one that have made the comic, the man that made it is called Ted Nomura, an japanese artist from the 80's/90's, and it was published by Antartic Press, but still, thx ;)
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Thanks, anything in particular you like about it?

ah, I see. 
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Well, about the plot, if the Germans find out, that could be used was propaganda for them ("our aircraft are so good that even the allies are using it against us"-style) and even, keeping an FW-190 flying could be an issue of spare parts + it could be shoot down by friendly fire, bu the rest, is OK, it's your plot, not mine - I actually thought that was more off an German-Soviet War only, and that was one off the aircraft off an US fascist fighter squadrom.
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Well I doubt the US would want to advertise they're employing mercenaries ether ;). It'd be somewhat common but nations wouldn't be too proud of it. It'd be a sort of "we'll pay you extra but can't send help or acknowledge you work for us" type thing. So they're on their own, hence why they end up having the defector actually fly with them regularly. I don't have too many details figured out for the regular version. Though I do have a sort of crossover plot that's pretty much the same but with a few changes. 

That idea you have sounds interesting as well. 
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