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Cyndaquil pups are born in pairs or triplets at the beginning of winter. they are born hairless, blind, and deaf and it takes many months for their eyes and ears to open, many don't open their eyes for months after birth and some even are adopted by trainers like this. They are aggressively guarded by their mother living in the den she burrowed into the bases of snowy, volcanic mountain ranges. When spring arrives the pups are fluffy, alert, and covered in flexible hollow quills. These quills serve many purposes, lying flat along the gradient of their fur when relaxed. When the young Cyndaquil feels in danger the quills are erected by tiny muscles and the hollow spaces inside filled with hydrogen and phosphorous contract stiffening the quills and expelling the combustible chemicals in a violent reaction both as an offense and defense. Once the pups reach adolescence and their mother can no longer nurse them they venture off on their own, prowling the mountain ranges for prey and a territory of their own. They grow exponentially, dawning a crest of quills on their heads as a display for rival Quilava. The fur around their eyes forms a mask to make them more intimidating and their ears, no longer vestigial buds, allow for acute hearing. Living in dormant lava flow tunnels, Quilava face their anterior towards the entrance as a defensive wall of quills to ward off predators and competitors. When they finally reach adulthood, their adolescent mask and crest are shed and they have doubled in size and quadrupled in weight due to added muscle. Their once green tinted fire-retardant fur is now blue, and a row of long quills has developed on the upper back and shoulders to provide protection from bites to the neck. The now adult Typhlosion is fiercely territorial and constantly combats others to protect their land.

finally done, this took so long, I shudder thinking about it...
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