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sox6 Ozeisoul draqoran
my lovely fam squad~

and lets not forget these stars
Adolas AllenPaw wishmakerx

these are only some of my amazing friends and fams that make amazing art and you should watch them!!!
or not, I'm not forcing ya lol

They help me get through tough times and encourage me through the rough.

because I love them all :heart::heart::heart:
Because I got no friends XD

NNID of course is sporeture with the mii called Scarlett!

maybe we can do some squad or private battle, as long Australian Internet decides to not eff up every now and then
Image by Sporeture

My precious baby had passed too young.
I want to know the cause of her death but my father said there's no point paying the vet to examine a lifeless body now because of the money spent on a body...
All I want to know is the reason why O.D. passes away, why was she suffering in the first place, why had she collapsed in the first place....
I wish i could go back in time to take her to an emergency vet yesterday, I wish I didn't have to get forced into working and making her wait til i came home at night.....
I wish I know what happened to her....
Because the world has yet to be rid of cockroaches like this guy...
watch the video in the link below
BIGGEST PEDOPHILE ON DEVIANTARTUpdate 10/4/2018: The second video on Manglenn-- although less entertaining-- provides more recent information than the last. I reccomend watching this instead.
I would love it if you spread the word by posting this video into your journals. Please help end this!
ALSO, please read Luna's rant about him-- she provides more evidence that the video doesn't even cover about!
SPREAD THIS ASAP!!!!! (Please read)

Or this video here

both th are the same anyway...

and if you think of visiting this creep's page, I recommend you open it in a private browser or log out before checking out his page. He's got a visitor widget and may use it to visit your page too if you're logged in!

SO BEWARE PEOPLE! Because he is definitely not the only sicko on the Internet...
Because I am certain I have failed my English speech and German listening/speaking test....

i still think about it now
Tagged :icondraqoran:


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


Angelo by Sporeture
1. Originated from a song-inspired drawing

2. His crest used to be a mistake but I couldn't bother to fix it so it's stuck

3. His species does grow old and die but their appearance stays the same once they've reached adulthood

4. The outrageous long fringe covering his right eye was originally there so I wont have to draw the other eye

5. His body tissue cannot be decomposed, so when he dies, his body doesn't rot but is a lifeless husk

6. Currently his life is deteriorating due to the human eye transplant he received when in captivity, it is unknown when his time would come, but he knows its near.

7. He does have a girlfriend, who is an OC of my friend, named Harmony, a half demon half angel girl

8. He is the last of his kind

Do this if ya want~

1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


Necro Head by Sporeture

1. Sensitive bones, mostly his snout

2. His body is of transparent tissue

3. A bisexual, always peeving off Sinus

4. Acknowledges the power of RESETS

5. Can control the opacity of his body as well as internal organs but not his skeletal structure

6. The doctor who examined the first fallen human in the UNDERMINE timeline

7. Has participated in the surface war as a medic

8. Usually wears a gas mask to avoid scaring his patients

9. Teal colour magic

10. he's got double "swords"

Fuk taggin, do it if ya want
I have this itch to make more cut out charms like Flowerfell Frisk and Sans:

Just forget I said a thing, anything I said at all by Sporeture Sweetheart, don't leave me by Sporeture

And these smols:
Image by Sporeture

That and kill some time in school by making these~

so here's how it works...

i will allow anything undertale related from AUs to side characters HOWEVER won't do fans OCs

for now I'll allow 4 design request cutouts for now and see how we go from here

list of cut outs to make:

Plan to make anyway:
:bulletwhite: Skelebros (Canon)
:bulletwhite: Frisk (Canon)
:bulletwhite: Undyne and Alphys (Canon)
:bulletwhite: bittybones au???

:bulletblue: OPEN
:bulletblue: OPEN

:bulletgreen: You stole the gift that they called life by Sporeture
:bulletgreen: Darker and darker by Sporeture

if im still on a roll, I'll consider more!
Whelp I didn't make it passed :iconthehauntedlibraryoct: auditions, I expected that since there so many talented people there and maybe I rushed Zoran's entry. 
Eh, time to put him in the SE corner for now with Angelo who's still waiting on his for :iconthe-salt-islands-oct:

-meanwhile in th SE corner-

Zoran: what are you looking at!

Angelo: n-nothing! Just wondering how you're doing...

Zoran: well a random ghost come out nowhere took me to some dog forsaken library, and stolen my assessment task that's due the next day! you expect me to be doing well?! Now I gotta wait for some to kick that stupid ghosts butt so I can go home at least...

Angelo: ....oh... Well I'm still waiting on my story if that make you feel better...

Oh yeah, since I'm now just. OCT scouting, I'm might as well think it's time to revive :iconthe-gallery-oct:! Now who remembers that!? Of course, I do need to finish those headshots that I keep pushing aside....

whelp, time to get things done!
Tagged by draqoran

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags

About me

1. I am an ABC (Australian Born Chinese)

2. I dont exactly celebrate stuff like birthdays or Christmas (I dont hate them, i just dont celebrate them)

3. Never like heights of six feet off the ground but I'm okay with top bunk beds

4. I question a lot of things in life

5. Spiders can go burn it a bonfire

6. I love Darker Than Black <333 

7. I relate to Sans so much, he's in my 'sons' pile

8. People asked if i cut myself but really its because of my birds' feet

9. Ozeisoul's my sister

10. Sometimes i get bored and ended up thinking things i regret later on

draqoran's questions

1) rick or morty ??
I havet watch the show but from what i've seen so far, Rick is mah man

2) fave band/musician?
Not exactly, but I'm starting to lean Porter Robinson as my fav musician

3) uhm can you wake up inside?

4) who has the hottest legs?
Why..... Flowey does! How else do he run away?

5) squid or kid?
Squid ftw mate, gotta go extr fast and spill ink everywhere

6) what would you do if you were stuck in a room with bagels?
This is fine....
and then have them for breakfast

7) fave youtuber?
Jacksepticeye and Markplier! 

8) fave show/anime whatever?
Darker Than Black, Osomatsu-San, Assassination Classroom, One-punch man, Young Black Jack, Haikyuu!, Kagerou Days, (the list off their hands just keeps going)
9) im bad at making questions forgive me
It's all good my friend *thumbs up*

10) yiff yiff? im sorry ahasha
Ahem, exactly what kind of 'yiff' are we talking 'bout here? *wiggle eyebrows*

My questions
1) You got a favourite game?
2) What's your freetime hobby?
3) Pokemon type?
4) Geez coming up with questions is hard....
5) Still in school, got a job or are you a pro NEET? (actually you dont have to answer this one)
6) Spirit Animal?
7) favourite food?
8) PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or fuk those guys a pick a tablet from Apple? (psst, PC's an option too)
9) Arial, Comic Sans and Papyrus walk into a bar, the bartender said, 'we dont serve your type here.'
10) You may throw me into the trash now~ (Yes/no)

(now the problem isnt that i dont do tags, its that i dunno who to choose so i'll leave it at that for now)
[Aah, you dont have to do this if you dont wanna]
Holidays in general

School: You can use this freetime to complete all this work!!! -shoves work into face-

Parents: use this freetime to do all this chores, beside you aren't doing anything so you should help work at our shop -shove chores into face-
Me: freetime? What freetime? I got no freetime with both of you yapping at my straining ears and my holidays aren't even my breaks from anything anymore!
Ha...ha.... Really.... Noone ever consider my thoughts or feelings for once? No one ever thought that I am already stressed and panicking over everything you want me to do???
I have so much shit to do with my life and.....
You expect too much from me..... I can only achieved so much.... After all.... I am human too....
I'm thinking of joining another oct maybe with one of my veteran-oct OCs like Gritches, Shikari, Seluu, or Angelo & Ozeisoul's Less, or I use a different OC.

heres some that I am consider so far:

what do you peeps suggest I should join?
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She's got really awesome art and options!
please check out her current ones!

Its a pay your comms so please! I encourage you people to check it out!!!
I'm considering turning a few of my beast/Anthro characters into human selves. But I dunno who to choose!
help me select few of who you want to see as a human?

Im sure you can find my twerps in my gallery somewhere~
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Even though I've been on every now and then, it's feels like I have't been on dA that much -.-;

whelp, it's the last few days of school so I will be back soon going spastic and whatnot but I also gotta do this Multimedia task that will be due after to holidays so expect some dasy of me being poof into thin air for a while.

im still working on :iconthe-salt-islands-oct: trying to get :iconozeisoul: to at least contribute her part of the audition so that I may outline the sets. The future sets will be in black and white because I am a twit who has no colour sense

with all that said,
Spore signing off!
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even for a little while before i sleep for tomorrow's big day XD
  • Listening to: Squawking birbs
What would it be?
When you are studying later than usual for a German speaking task the next day and you realise you can't ask your classmates for advice because it's already late and you think they might be asleep ;u;

*slaps* alright, alright, I'm going back to studying the ways of speaking~
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Imma go now...
<da:thumb id="528084728"/>
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So today I was shopping for stuff I was sent to buy and at the selfserve checkout I was at, the person before me left their $35 change. I asked the customer service about this and they held it until the person came back.
im actually glad I noticed it cause the machine wasn't scanning and maybe some other person may take it for their own needs.

also I help a nice elderly open a door because they have those chair cane things .w.

its nice to do good things every now and then~
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