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By SPoppet
Here are some helpful resources and tutorials that are made by amazing artists which can assist you in making artdolls!


How I Art Doll - ArtDoll Tutorial
**I have also put this tutorial over on Google Docs, it is easier to edit, looks cleaner and is easier to navigate, I hope it will be more useful for everyone. Here's the link to my new tutorial:…  ...I'm not done typing the whole thing up yet... shhhhhhhh, I'm just excited to provide a more useful tool for ya'll that I'm proud of(cause this here is a hot mess).**
How I Art Doll
By Kelsey Wilkins
Storybook Creatures
A reference for poseable art doll crafting basics.
    I have been making art dolls since 2015. They are very complex projects that require skills in multiple art fields and take a lot of patience and perseverance. The style of doll that I make requires the use of these skills: painting, sculpti

Posable Doll Tutorial By Eviecats

Armature to Art Doll Part 1
Armature to Art Doll Part 2

Basic art doll tutorial

The Making of An Art Doll, Part 1
The Making of An Art Doll, Part 2

How to sculpt a head / face mask
How to sculpt paws

:.Sculpting Materials.:
:.Sculpting tools - Tutorial.:

Making figurine hairs animal fur tutorial part 2
Making figurine hair fur video tutorial part2

Custom patterns:
Plushie Pattern Tutorial
Making patterns and sewing toes

How to sew ladder stitch [link]


How to make a two-part mold
How to make a one-part mold
PDF Plaster Shell Mold Tutorial
Plaster Shell Casting Tutorial
How to make a resin cast in a one-part mold

Painting glass eyes [link]
Custom Cabochons [link] 

How to dye faux fur with acrylic paint: [link]

I'll add more to this journal as I come across even more helpful tutorials!
There are definitely many many more tutorials out there and I urge you do some of your own research and don't be afraid to try something new! 
I don't have enough time to make my own tutorials but someday I will make my own as a lot of people have requested c:

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This'll be super helpful! I've been wanting to try making an art doll but didn't know much to start :C this'll help out a lot~!
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Great base of knowledge. I feel like I'm gonna try it one day :)
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The link to the fur tutorial no longer works....
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Thank you so much, this is really helpful!
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Thank you so much for putting this list together! This is so helpful! ;u; you are an amazing inspiration, and I can only dream to be as talented as you! 💕
LimitlessEndeavours's avatar
Thank you so much for the many mentions! I'm gonna check the other tutorials out! Always good to learn something new ^^
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Thank you for putting this list together, and also for adding mine. :)
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This is one great list! I'll have to add it to my tutorial resources on my FAQ
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Great list!
Feel free to add my tutorial if you like:…
I know my methods are not the norm but it might be useful to someone.
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Omg thank you so much for this list its very much appreciated!
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