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Sai tutorial part 2

Edit: To everyone who has a technical question such as the size of my brushes or various other settings, I'm sorry but I no longer use SAI. I'm currently using Photoshop on a Mac, and so it's not possible for me to check these settings so I can answer your questions (unless you know some way for me to run SAI on a Mac with pressure sensitivity, in which case I'll love you forever). I'm very sorry if this causes an inconvenience, and while I will still gladly attempt to help with technical problems, I apologize if I'm unable to do so adequately.


[link] Download a 31 trial of Easy Paint Tool SAI here.
[link] Purchase a program license here.

Questions or concerns are welcome. :D

Part 1: [link]

Edit: It's come to my understanding that the ink pen (used primarily in part 1) is not a standard part of the basic SAI's tools set. I obtained it from downloading the trial of the 1.0.1 version of SAI. If you want the ink pen tool, you can download my brush set from here. Simply replace your folder "toolnmr" with the one contained in the .zip and you will have access to all of the same brushes used in this tutorial including the ink pen. (In the event something goes awry, you may want to move your original "toolnmr" folder before replacing it with the one in the .zip, just to be safe.)

[May 16: I just realized that I had the wrong file up for download; the .zip contained the elemap folder instead of the toolnmr folder. It should be fixed now, but please let me know if you run into any other problems.]

Edit 2: ~phirecracker left this helpful piece of advice for anyone having trouble getting the ink pen tool from the above download.

"After unzipping the file, open up the folder 'toolrnm' that you have just downloaded, copy the file
'10.ini' from Spoonzmeister's folder and paste it into your own 'toolrnm' folder. It works :)

btw '10.ini' is the ink pen tool. This method would work for any other tool that you're missing too. gl!

Everyone say thaaaaanks to ~phirecracker! :D

MOAR EDIT!: If you STILL can't get the ink pen tool to work, you can try making your own.

1.) Open Notepad.
2.) Copy and paste the following into your new text file:

name=Ink Pen

3.) Save your text file.
4.) Open your toolnmr folder and look at the file names. Pick a number that isn't already in use - since you're making the ink pen tool, chances are the number 10 is a safe bet.
5.) Rename your text file [number].ini (ex: 10.ini)
6.) Move your text file into your toolnmr folder.
7.) Load up SAI and see if it worked!

Another option similar to this method would be to open 00.ini (the standard pen tool) and change the parameters to match the ones I supplied. Technically you could alter any of your tools to function as the ink pen tool, so if there's one you don't use much (like the binary tool, for example, or maybe the brush selection tool), you can find it's corresponding .ini file (just load each of them one at a time; the name of the tool should be within the few couple lines) and alter it.

Edit: ~CelestialDragonsoul provides this alternative to the above which has worked out for multiple people: "the pen tool download didn't work for me cuz somehow my SAI deleted it XD, i tried the alternative method of creating a notepad doc and neither did that work. what did work though was copying my 00 pen tool file, renaming as 10 and copying the above code into it. thankyou! though i would love to know what the 11 tool is, i'm missing that one too XD"
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So what if you don't have a tablet?
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Thanks so much! One of the best detailed tutorials out there.
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Thank you so much! I just got Sai and can't wait to try it out^^ :iconluluveigarplz:
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So so so beautiful ! I love it so much, thanks a lot for this awesome tutorial *O*
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Psst... from one Mac user to another... there is a way to get SAI with pen pressure on your Mac. What you need to do is buy (or obtain some other way) a copy of the program Parallels, and throw SAI onto that, and then download all the necessary drivers again. Parallels essentially lets you run a Windows desktop alongside your Mac one, so it's pretty handy for stuff like this.
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this tutorial is very helpfull i just got sai and i have no idea what i'm doing
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*Deep Breath*
I am so glad to have this to refer to when I need tips on how something works, and from here I can really branch out on my own! I cant wait to start practicing with my new tablet now ^_^
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This is really helpful thankyou :iconspazhugplz:
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Thanks so much for the tutorial! :icondragonhugplz:
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This helped so much! Thanks :meow:
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Loved both tutorials. Thank you
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I do realize that this tutorial is quite old, but [link] might be of some help. I haven't gotten a chance to try it out myself, but thought I'd share. :)
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Thank you!
I´ll show you draw when I´ll finish it.
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OMFG YOU SAVED MY LIFE :iconlongcatlaplz:
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so cute!!! I wish I could do this... I'll go see part 1! :)
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i never used airbrush to color,this changes everything

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*hugs you* thank you sooooo much!
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Fantastic! Very helpful :D
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