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Suddenly, lightsources, thousands of them! Haha this isn't really meant to have any unity to it, I just wanted to practice their faces in my normal style :3 Decently happy with all of them for being pretty quick doodles, but it's more or less my first try so inevitably there will be some refinement down the road.
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I love the contrast between Robb and Jon here. Just as described in the books.
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I'm commenting cause I was browsing and your username made me spit out my drink. Oh crotchety Tellah
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This is all kinds of perfect... my fav is Rob!
Smallson is so cute.
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I wonder who that young boy next to Sansa is? 
Oh wait!
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rickon is so cute 
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ohohoh Rickon's face is priceless!! and that design of the stark vs the tully features! Wonderful!
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Oh gahds. Arya. Lmao. Love it, very nice work! 
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Very nice! I love this. So perfect *-*
I love this, except... aren't Arya's eyes supposed to be grey? Great work anyway.
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I can't delete my earlier post, but after I did some more research, it turns out that the Game of Thrones/Iron Man joke actually become something of an old meme, but it's still good for a laugh.

However, that aside you've done a very good job bringing out all of these characters and what makes them special and different from each other. Some of my friends are big "Game of Thrones" fans and would love to see this. Keep it up! =)
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I just thought of a rather ridiculous idea for a crossover. What if these guys were the ancestors of Tony Stark/Iron Man? 0_0
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Robb is the best in my opinion, but brilliant work on all of them!
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...I love this, but Rickon's face is killing me. I've seen that look on my very stubborn little neice's face before. It's the "I Just had an accident--maybe if i concentrate hard, nobody will notice" face. Mekes the load of laundry totally worth it, by the way. Waxing silly, so please forgive.
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I like Rickon, Rob and Jon the most :) Great job
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Sansa: dreamy - check
Arya: angry - check
Robb: ... <3 - ehm! check
Jon: ...whatever, I don't like Jon. brooding - also check
Bran: confused? - check
Rickon: ...AWW! I love your Rickon. Books!Rickon is nuts, though ;)
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Jon face is epic but sooooo lovely >__<
this is great!! i love rickon! he looks so angry, poor little guy! perfect to how he is in the books.. also love how arya looks like a boy! LOL
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This is wonderful! Great work!
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