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asoiaf - lannisters

(Hopefully) the first of a few family pictures I plan to do. Been awhile since I've spent time inking a picture, decently pleased with the result! I might throw daddy Lannister in later for completeness sake.
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haha why does Jaime look so evil XD
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Tommen's face is priceless ! So cute !

And I'm sorry but I have to disagree with the Lannister haters :p
Tyrion = awesome of course, it is known
Jaime = he is depicted in the series basicaly as "handsome/pretty useless/sometimes cruel" (poor Alton...). But in the books he is so great and funny ! Hope season 3 will give him back the fan(girl)s he deserves :p
Cersei = hateful toward everyone, except her children ; in fact she is ready to make every sacrifice for them. Wonderful character !
Joffrey = atrocious beast, insane bast**rd. GRR Martin did such a great job by creating his character. Pure evilness ! I LOVE hating him with all my heart !
Myrcella = cute and smart, Tommen = adorableeeee just like his 3 kittens

Done ! (sorry for the long post and excuse me for the poor english)
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oh. migosh. I am STEALING Tommen! so freakin adorabibble!
Myrcella looks so cute
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Awesome picture! :D
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Tommen is so cuuuuuuuuuuuute <3 Faved!!

I think it might help, though, to list the exact identities from left to right. For example, at first I was confused if the man between Tyrion and Cersei was Tywin or Jaime. Then I realized the guy between Cersei and Myrcella had the stag emblem – I'm assuming now that this is a Baratheon? Which would make sense since Jaime has the golden armor. If it's Robert, though, Robert has black hair and blue eyes. AAAA MIXED UP D:
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Left to Right: Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen

...Joffrey and Tommen are both as described as having the Stag and Lion as their crests, as it is believed that they are, in fact, Baratheon's.
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This is fantastic, such a unique style :)
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your artwork was featured here: [link]
tyrion=only useful person in the whole family
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What about Tywin???
And the only lannister who isn't a colossal prig. Just a small, albeit likable one.
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You captured them just perfect :+favlove:
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Yor renderings of ASoIaF charactees are gorgeous! :love:
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I love how individual and unique you make all the characters look. :] Tyrion is great, and Joffrey has the most jerkish expression ever. (love how different Myrcella and Tommen look too!)
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Your style and ability to totally sum up a character artistically are both amazing. :heart:
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Everyone is spot-on, and the two youngest are too cute for their own good! Bwaha!
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Tommem and Myrcella are just ADORABLE! And Cersei and Jaime are just perfect evil twin bitches XD
these are awesome, i think the Tyrells would make a good one of these
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bahaha I LOVE your Jaime.

<3 Tyrion
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