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The Blackbeard Pirates colored

This is an extension of my previous image, with the entire panel colored instead of just Blackbeard himself. This was probably one of the most extensive coloring jobs I've attempted, and I'm still quite novice.

It's a panel from the latest One Piece chapter. It's a spread of five characters, so it took a lot of work. So many layers.

Perhaps I should've put more detail in to the background, but I was entirely focused on the characters and wasn't even going to color the background until I was at the end.

While I'm pleased with my coloring efforts, I still can't draw worth a crap myself. I need more practice in that area. But, being without a scanner for over a year has hindered that. I'll be back home in a few weeks, along with my lovely printer/scanner combo, so perhaps I'll resume practicing in earnest then.

In the meantime, maybe I'll continue practicing coloring on manga images that catch my eye.
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Love your work, how would you like to join the colored kaizoku a one piece manga coloring group we are on hiatus ontil one piece chapter 570 and until then i am recruiting members and organizing the group and you'd be a great addition
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Well I'm flattered by the offer, but I don't know if I can commit to a project like that. It will depend on what the schedule is like, and how much will have to be done. Perhaps when you get started up again I can try it out.
amazing colouring