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Tesla Powerwall 2 Monitor

Created in RainMeter v4.1

Monitor & graph Powerwall 2 API output:
• Grid import & export
• Battery charging, discharging & level
• Home load
• PV generation
• Firmware revision
• Stored energy (kWh)
• Will graph up to 7kW import / 5kW export
• Grid shows idle / import / export states
• Battery shows idle / charging / discharging states

In later firmware revisions the Powerwall only supports SSL connections and Rainmeter cannot ignore a failing certificate, so you must create a 'powerwall' hosts entry of your Powerwall Home Energy Gateway IP address in order for this meter to work correctly


v2.6 - 2019-04-17
• HTTPS Fixes
• Version number fixes

v2.5 - 2018-04-20
• Modified graph so that graphed statistics now match up with vertical measurement intervals

v2.4 - 2018-04-11
• Added display of stored battery energy in kWh (Battery Charge % / 100) * 13.5
• Modified battery charge / grid export limits and graph for 5kW
• Added dynamic Powerwall firmware version display

v2.3 - 2018-03-25
• Adjusted graph line length by 1 pixel to improve aesthetic
• Combined BattImport & SolarPVGen histograms into a single histogram to improve aesthetic
• Further tweaks to grid state thresholds to address graph jumping during low load spikes
• Added line graphs and adjusted colours to improve PV & grid histogram meter aesthetic

• Tidied redundant meter config
• Further improvements to meter aesthetic when loads change erratically

• Added visual version identifier
• Resolved issue with undefined meter
• Optimised state thresholds and meter display triggers
• PV generation and Powerwall graphs now use histogram instead of line to improve aesthetic
• Increased home load line width to improve aesthetic when grid import and home load values match
• Reordered graph layers to improve aesthetic

Made by spoonwzd
Inspired by and designed to fit alongside the BlueVision skin by g3xter
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Hi spoonwzd, Great app to use. I manage to get it to work but only if I connect directly to the Powerwall's SSID (TEG-xxx) using a different WiFi connection on the PC. I can't get it to work on my home WiFi (on a different SSID/IP subnet - which I can still reach via https directly). The event logging shows that incorrect hostname. Is yours still working. I know that Tesla changed their API and affected PVOutput and another app called Powerwall Companion.

Just wondering if there's an update required to the app to make it work without the need to connect to the Powerwall's SSID (TEG-xxx).


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Glad you found it useful uv2power and sorry for the delayed response / update.

Please grab the 2.6 revision and create a hosts entry for 'powerwall' that resolves to your Powerwall's gateway IP in order to make the connectivity work with the SSL certificate Tesla have implemented.