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March 15, 2011
The suggester said: "Everything in You stand on my old friend by ~Simplicata is wonderfully detailed. The beautiful lightning and shading make it seem as if the painting comes alive. "
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You stand on my old friend

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Breath taking.
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Wonderful! I love it! :heart:
Hello Spoonfish. I hope this reaches you. I'm a new author of a fantasy book series. I've been looking for a little over a year now for someone whose artistic talent would match up with my books. I won't go into great detail here but if you're even the slightest but interested, please join the books Facebook page: The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves. Contact me when/if you do and hopefully we can chat more. I'm convinced my stories can supply a limitless supply of ideas and imagination for more of your epic art. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
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This is beautiful
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Wow, this painting is fantastic! Can't say I totally get what the scene is about but this is a masterpiece nonetheless!
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Holy, this is so good I actually teared up a bit.
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Hey Ive seen you've done quite a few videos of yourself doing work, but I couldnt find one for this piece, is there not one?
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Sorry, no video for this one :)
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I finally found the original creator *dances in a circle out of grand happiness*
I love this piece of art SO SO MUCH! It is my current desktop wallpaper! :3 It's so magical, detailed and exceptionally beautiful!
I don't suppose I may use a part of it (specifically the dragon's eye area) for a cover for my National Novel Writing Month story? Ever since I found your work, I am not satisfied with any other dragon art I've seen so far, and thus I can't find an image I'd like to use for my cover. I always jump back to this. May I use it? Pretty please? ;__;
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Woah, I'm sorry about this slow reply. I'm very happy you like the image. You can use it for anything, as long as you do not claim the credit for making it, and not making any money from the image :)
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Thank you very much! I used it here, and I of course credited you!
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This is really magnificent.  Saw the image floating around and managed to track it back here.  You are awesome!
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I love the feeling of a fairy realm.  The lights give it that.  The dragon has personality.  What is the girl saying to the dragon?
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This just is incredible to the maximum, lighting, anatomy, real-nature like, colors, and plain creativity that is clearly shown on this amazing painting. Your very inspiring, this is probably one of the best paintings I've ever seen! :D

Also, what did you use to make/paint this?
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My mind has been blown all the way to mars. You're truly an inspiration to me. :)
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Heh, thanks a lot :) I hope some nice art springs from that inspiration!
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Everything about this is beautiful, from the color and lighting, to the textures, to the interaction of a legendary creature and a small child. Amazing work!
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Hooray for reverse image search, I finally know who's the original creator of this masterpiece. I have around 20 desktop wallpapers, and this one is certainly my favorite. Amazing work! :D
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