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Lee's Non-fancy PS brush set

By popular demand, here are five brushes I've been using recently. None of these are meant for any specific purpose, so I use any of these brushes to do any part of any painting.
By mixing them throughout a project, I get a less smooth, less digital and more cohesive look.

Here's a dropbox link to the file, since some have reported having problems with the dA download :)

These are meant to be used with a pressure sensitive tablet. They're created in PS CS6, but I think they're compatible with earlier versions!

Enjoy :)
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Thank you. New to this.

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Hi! Thank you for sharing! I'm going to try them out!

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thaaaanks *^*

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second brush is so simple yet it is so useful!!!
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Thank you for sharing your great work!
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Thank yoooou! Nice gallery! :D
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how to get that dark from light effect? It doesn't work on my photoshop and its frustrating me D: pls help me 
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You have to turn "transfer" on in the brush settings XP 
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thanks! i already have found it hihi
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Okay ^w^ Great! :3
thank you so much for sharing!
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Thanks, I've been trying to figure out a texture brush like the second one from the top for ages!
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Thank you very much!
Sorry i can't download it it says disk full on my new computer  can you get them to me another way
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