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Bayonets and ideas

Done in ~10 hours. As I managed to delete my entire brushset, I had to find and make some new ones. This image is mostly made using one shaped as some sort of plant!

See the timelapse video of this, here: [link] Enjoy! :)

Don't forget to check out my art blog at [link]
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Love it, awesome!
Wonderfully, dynamically visceral.  Love it!
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Aaamazing !!!!
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This is awesome work :)
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makes me think if Zero from borderlands 2 could look even more badass than he normally is.
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I'm most impressed with this being made out of plants, actually
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How ash prime should look like.
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Oh if only I had half your talent. I guess I started too late! Nice work. 
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You are so talented, bravo. What really drew me in was the futuristic yet sleek design of the character, as well as your art style. I really love the flying sparks there, contributes to that apocalypse-like aura. This is such a beautiful piece, perhaps it displays melancholy? Anyways, I just really love this~ Reach for the stars ... 
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Good luck drawing that sword.
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looks like Grey Fox and Deadpool combined.
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For some reason it made me think of a Deadpool themed android. It's pretty epic
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Reminds me of Half Life's Combine force,nice
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I like the porthole face :) Want to see what's going on in there.
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