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3D Bayonets and Ideas

YouTube link: [link]

This is my first personal 3D project, based on my old painting "Bayonets and Ideas". It's nice to finally be able to show something, after eight months of study. Having not just 2D on my plate anymore broadens the horizon significantly. I won't be uploading as much 3D work as 2D, but I'll try to keep up the pace! Oh hey I noticed an error; the clouds are subtly moving to the left while the ribbon in the sword is swaying to the right. Never mind that. It's sci-fi physics. Probably some exhaust located in the neck of the ninja. Yes.. yes, that's it.

I will probably be making a simple breakdown video of the 3D part and post it up on YouTube, but I can't say when, since my schedule is kind of unstable.

All the visuals are done by myself. Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering and compositing.

Mobs Alive - Harry Gregson-Williams (Metal Gear Solid 4)
Prothean Beacon - Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco (Mass Effect 3)

Programs used:
2D - Adobe Photoshop
3D - Autodesk Maya
Renderer: Mental Ray
Editing and compositing - Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Enjoy! :)
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Left one: GLaDOS ninja? XD
Looks a lot like Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid
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You're amazing!!
your imagination+skills= master piece 💥👍
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Heh, thanks a lot :)
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That is just amazing.  The minute the 3D model moved I was just blown away.  If I could get even a fraction of the skill you have I'd be happy.  How long did the 3D process take, and how did you handle the pieces in the neck sliding into place?  I've been trying to teach myself animation and that's how I want things to look.  It was so fluid that you'd almost believe the machine was there and you'd recorded it with a camera.

Also, you mentioned being in classes, but are there any specific resources you'd recommend for someone trying to learn animating to that degree?
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Oh, and as for the question about resources: When I started this project, I'd studied 3D generalism for about six months. Our education covers the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, rigging, rendering and compositing, which were all equally important to finish this project. All of my 3D knowledge comes from this education, and I'd previously not touched any 3D application or knew anything about it, so it's all about picking up the basics in those areas, if you want to work through a similar project :)

I think half of all, if not most, 3D artists specialize in one area and get extremely good at whatever they do, but I really love to put my own spin in all of the elements and work more as a director, so being a 3D generalist suits me just fine :la:
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Thanks a lot :) The whole project took about six weeks.

The robotic animations are done by parenting smaller objects to the major parts, and also have them make their own little movements as the major parts move. Getting it all to fit was the hardest part of the project!
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Did you make those textures in photoshop? They look amazing. 
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Your painting/drawings are amazing themselves.

But I always see these 3D things made with all these softwares and they're just so much more amazing and detailed. I've never seen one of those programs in action before, but it must be worth it
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Really impressive! :) Do you have by any chance a timelapse of modeling your 3d version?
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are you studying games art bro?
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No, but I'm studying 3D for film :)
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youre pretty good, im starting to learn maya myself, im mile away from the standards you have. when did you start using maya?
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Thanks :)

About nine months ago!
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HOLY... CRAP. Damn you.
I'm just starting 3D, and I'm not even half as good as you with painting! God damn it...
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Sick 2D and even better 3D. Brilliant work man. Just amazing :) :) Keep it up, will ya? :) :P
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Thanks a lot :) I will do my best!
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