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because MAAAAN I really don't have the patience for this, if you feel the need to make fun of neopronouns and nonbinary genders, do me a favour and unwatch me. 

signed, a nonbinary artist.

PS, I apologize for my only journal entries on here being for mostly complaining but GOSH!!!!
seriously. it's not funny. PTSD is no joke, and triggers having been turned into a shitty meme is incredibly disrespectful towards people struggling with trauma.
anyway, if you make jokes like this, please stay away from my gallery, I don't want any of that here. and if you're going to be an ass about it, I'm blocking you.

thank you.

edit: to clarify, this journal isn't for thinkpieces about how "sjws" are "too sensitive" or "faking" their triggers. if you don't have triggers, odds are you don't understand other people who may have them. they can vary in severity and intensity and if you refuse to listen to people in that regard, maybe don't try to talk over them. don't throw neurodivergent people under the bus.
I feel a bit too overwhelmed to respond to each individually but thank you aaa, you're all so sweet. ; w ;
(un)fortunately, it's all Yo-kai Watch.…
go check it out:  Commissions?? by OhThatNK
I do wish subfolders were a thing even for non-core users :'| because wow idk if I wanna swamp my gallery view ANY FURTHER with fuckton more folders on main page (unless there's a maximum number??), not being able to organize them further, like, say,

Headworlds: [setting name] [setting name] [main character name]
Bestiary: [monsters] [creatures] [animals] [demons]
Other: [resources] [fanart] [gift art/trades]
Personal favourites: [year] [year] [year]
etc. etc.

I MEAN. I can do that FOR FREE on some other gallery sites, lmao. Weasyl's weakness is that you can put an image in one folder only, which sucks.

but yeah. minor nitpicking. I love being as organized as possible and dA's putting a bit of a damper on that and I'm not about to spend money on just folders, haha.
stumbled across one of those deviants who make snarky folders for beginner and/or young artists' work with sarcastic titles. Like. I don't get why people think it's acceptable to make fun of a beginner artist or a young artist?? Every artist has to start somewhere. I mean, heck, I'll use myself as an example,

I drew like this at age 7:  old stuff from 1994 by Spoonfayse

and like this at around age 12:  Old stuff 1999 by Spoonfayse

2001 vs. 2014:  old drawing revisited by Spoonfayse

old draws from 1998-1999:…

granted, I've been drawing nonstop ever since I could hold a pencil, there's absolutely no shame in starting late, there's no shame in enjoying art as a hobby and sharing it! There's also no shame in just making art for your own eyes only. It's okay if making art is difficult for any reason. Also, nobody's born with this skill and you improve by continuing to make art. Don't feel discouraged when your skill level and goals don't seem to line up, it's part of being an artist, in fact the frustration means that you're steadily improving! Also, if improving isn't a goal for you, that's fine too! 

On that note there's been a lot of weird and off-putting discourse about artists "not improving" for years, and honestly? It's very presumptuous. Some folks may not be viewing improvement as a priority, or are busy with work/school/other life things that they place as being a higher priority than making art, and who knows what else they might be going through. so, please don't make assumptions about strangers based on their art.

gosh I got rambly. but yeah. if you make snarky folders just to make fun of people, do me a favour and stay the fuck away from me. I find shit like that to be very discouraging and I wouldn't be surprised if other people do, too. >:T
that feel when I browse my dA messages and find a nice pic to fave only to accidentally hit "Remove From Notifications" and wow good luck finding that pic ever again
question, are there still viruses/malware/whatever in dA ads because wow that anti-adblock bar is super annoying lol
Go check it out:  Comic Patreon by NightmareHound
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 10 years, incredible.

  2. What does your username mean? Spoonfayse is simply Spoon... face. yeah. My old username for the longest time was SulphurSpoon, which is a corruption of "silver spoon".

  3. Describe yourself in three words. shy aspie scribbler

  4. Are you left or right handed? left-handed

  5. What was your first deviation? I forget.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Digital art??

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? 3D rendering or animation. OR 3D ANIMATION.

  8. What was your first favourite? <da:thumb id="16343276"/> this here, as made by a friend.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? uhh, character concepts, surreal stuff, creatures.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? hard to say, my faves fluctuate a lot.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? I've attended some deviant meets in the past, hahah. idk

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? well, it's been nice making friends I still interact with to this day.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? graphics tablet, ms paint/opencanvas

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? my room??

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? gosh remembering the good times of having fav artists I'd draw gift art to and interacting with them and it was great. fond memories.

at least my waaaaay old original stuff. idk. on the one hand I do like reading old comments, and on the other, I don't like reading old comments. embarrassing.

I've made a standard procedure of when I unstore ancient stuff I disable comments because eeeesh painful to look at. haha. yeah
it came and went like. a month ago??

but holy shit. dA was the first ever online community I actively participated and shared my artwork in. Before that my online presence was limited to a roleplay chatroom and oekaki sites (frogbog, man. I forget how I found that, but I liked the buttons to access the site haha). but through deviantart I started forming meaningful relationships, friendships largely, and gosh, a few folks have stuck to me even when they abandon dA or similar to me, have a very limited presence. Being able to talk with so many great people, many fond memories for people who came and went. People change, drifting apart happens.

Goodness knows I had growing pains, I think most of the reason why I keep my old art in storage is because of the memories associated with them, not so much the art themselves. Thus, I can't look at the stuff neutrally and don't feel right about sharing that stuff, except in snippets, and on my current fav site, tumblr, for instance:…
But yeah. There are few things I feel legit ashamed of, but there still are some hangups about having my entire online history in full display. Deviantart contains about the most of my online history as an artist, spanning a decade. I've also been active on Livejournal, Tegaki E, what have you. Tumblr really consumed me completely, for its flawed blogging system, and activity on deviantArt has largely died down. I remember getting a lot more comments on here and wow it's been great having conversations regarding the art that I post. I do tend to be sparse with my own commenting, mostly because ummm wow my past comments are pretty embarrassing! I also remember being pretty snippy and mean at times, snarking on people with little to no reason (I blame discovering Encyclopedia Dramatica at one point. the hell was I thinking??). In retrospect I apologize for hurting people, the stuff I did was unprompted and, well, uncalled for :I some actions of mine just feel so alien to me now but I could attribute some of that stuff to depression and low self-esteem, I've been in pretty dark and murky places, mood-wise, and no doubt it would reflect to my behaviour, and being a teenager, it would be quite short-sighted and "edgy".

Hoo boy a large portion of my time on deviantart I was all goth and stuff. Everyone had ridiculous Siouxie Sioux hairstyles. EVERYONE. I'm glad I broke that habit, but I still do give that type of hair to miscellaneous characters. The me from 10 years ago would probably scoff at the things I like now, so the feeling would be mutual anyhow, haha.
My self-identification as "other" pervades to this day, no doubt because I may or may not have asperger's which would certainly set the tone for my life as is, besides the depression and living in a very depressing environment. My life was rough, and internet provided escape.

DeviantArt and the people in it, goshdangit past me, why'd I post so much art and sketches in 2006. going through the storage is hell. I guess I really liked sharing everything I did with people xD I used scraps a loooooot. Now, though, I put most of my crap on twitter, some crap on tumblr, some crap on blogspot, best stuff goes on deviantart and weasyl.

Anyway wow. 10 years of using this site. It stopped being my main hub around 2008 but still. Lots of fond memories, some painful memories. Lots of weird changes on the site during my presence here. Muro is pretty neat and I hope people enjoy using it! It seems like a nifty and fun tool. Badges and the points system I'm less enamoured by, badges can look fun on a page I suppose but the points really wreck the economy with young artists selling themselves short. But then, I'm an old codger, probably. I do wish artists got better compensated for their hard work, it takes years upon years to hone one's craft, non-artist types should never take that for granted.

Dangit I got rambly. But yeah. Newcomers and old friends who still enjoy deviantart, I hope you have a good time!

OH HEY also check out my page on Wayback Machine if you're so inclined, hahaha:…
Check it out here:…
I'm on there now, wow.… got myself a nice starter pack thanks to generous friends and now I can wait asfdsg. reading on the basics of breeding and stuff, no doubt getting the kind of babies I'd like (rarer genes and breeds) will take some patience. @_@

blegh trying to figure out how to get Tiddlywiki to save changes hahhah, so balls, I like the format a lot otherwise.

I want to make a wiki-based character/worldbuilding database for easy browsing, so I'm asking if you can rec wikis or other such applications/sites for that sort of thing?

 I want to get a decent beginner friendly camera to take pictures of misc. stuff like architecture, animals (especially birds and maybe bugs), sky, stuff like that, and on the fly, for inspiration and colour balance ideas (I’ve had a lot of cloud/sky pictures turn out flat and stuffy with my cellphone camera…)

you have any recommendations that’d be within a reasonable price range? (~200 euro)