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Happy Carl Sagan Day 2010

Happy Carl Sagan Day! ^_^ Time to watch cosmos and cry at the theme tune!!
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Oh my god this drawing is good

Is this still available to buy as a poster?
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Yep - have a look on my store! ^_^…
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I like this when Carl sagan said that if we do not destroy ourselves that we will one day go to the stars.
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[link] The only thing, I can say to this. Wonderful picture of a great man.
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:D An appropriate thing to say too! So glad you like it!
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Yeah. I thought that this would be the best way to respond to this, since it fits just perfect. And you are very welcome.
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Lord help the stars if we ever do...
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:( Hopefully we'll have matured a bit as a global society by then - although who knows.
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I doubt it, but anything's possible.
awesome beyond words
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please sell as a poster!!!
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I would buy this as a high res image that I could have printed on canvas. How do we convince you to produce a very high resolution version?
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No need! You can buy a high-quality A3 print from my store :) [link] (or the same in A4 [link] )
I mean: I would pay you (if that wasn't clear ;))
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I just love it, it's awe-inspiring and Carl Sagan just seems so full of life!
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Excellent, I totally agree!
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I realized just last night that when I comb my hair and let it fall into it's natural position, I have Carl Sagan's exact hair! (My girlfriend just looked at me in disdain all like "Fuck you! You're no Carl Sagan!" But she wasn't there, so she doesn't fathom the actual similarities.)
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och, whoop, och, och, whoop, ooh. carl sagan man... he's great.
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