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Game Show Worldbuild: J! 'Pizza'

Trebek: 'Hello, Every Pizza Place on Earth!' Which refers to both common Pizza business practices and the term Pizza Pie coined by Mobius Solutions when they prune planet Earth for the Roll. 2: Let's try Every Pizza Place for 400 Trebek: Tyrants use this ruse to spook Linear Humans into signing up to implement draconian dictatorships and human consolidation. 1: What is climate change? Trebek: What indeed. 1: Pizza Place 800 Trebek: This Pizza Hut Menu Item of the early 90s was such a party favorite it became a staple in all joints of its ilk. 1: What is Bigfoot Trebek: That's the one. 1: Pizza Place 1200 Trebek: 'Congratulations San Francisco, you've ruined Pizza' quoth Anger in 2015's Inside Out 'first' the people of this fellow state 'and now you!' 3: What is Hawaii? Trebek: You're out of the hole. -blip- 1: Pizza 16 Trebek: After igniting a war on the four olds, this rich aristocrat was reincarnated as a Looping Skitty and MLE of a glitched up iteration of the Pokémon World. 1: Who's Mao. Trebek: Mao Zedong, yes. 1: Imma finish the Pizza. Trebek: Serfs blindly obey harpies of misandry are deemed this by YouTuber Razorfist among others. 2: What even are Simps? Trebek: Well put.


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TMW Your Art Trade makes the front page


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FRA: Snip 2: Page 1

Fullrust Alchemist

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Star Tree Ch1 - Page 1

Project Star Tree

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The Book of Yoshi

Book of Yoshi

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TPPR: Hoops ever after

Twitch Plays Pokemon

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Disney Infinity - And as we lay...

-Lone Ranger POV- Tonto was parking the pumpkin coach when I saw a perculiar sight. It was Sekai alright, and this time she brought Captain Jack Sparrow along for the road which is startling because her relationship with Jack was rickety at best... I heard a hiccup not from Tonto, but from Sekai... "You laced the Coke with Jack Daniels, Didn't you?" She asked with the last of her sober self's strength... huh, I should try to get Tonto say that last part five times fast one day, that's not bad... "Whoa! Easy there, girl, PEGI 7 and all that..." The swashbuckling adventurer responded before shyly adding "but yeah, that's exactly what I've do

For Avalanche

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EGS: The New THiRD

EGS: Legacy of Evangelion

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EGS: Legacy of Evangelion 1.01

The First Day

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Beginning ---- (We see a Portal appear in stormalong Harbor, Coming Outside were a Boy and a Girl. The Jet Black Haired Boy Brandished a White T-Shirt and Blue Jeans and Red Tennis Shoes, the brunette girl had hair covering one of her green eyes, The Left one to be exact, other than that she had a gray longsleeved undershirt with a pink and Blue ring T-Shirt with black stars over it, Brown Jeans and Blue Tennis Shoes) AC: Welcome to Stormalong Harbor Becky: YAY! SANTA! (Runs around in a Circle) AC: What's That Falling from the sky? Becky: I dunno AC: It's a (Crash!) Cybernetic Chick and 3 humans... (Indeed) Female 1: W

Weirdies - Group 2

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Beans Theme Song

BEANS - a-ah - N00Bies of the universe BEANS - a-ah - They Fuck Toons for All of us BEANS - a-ah - fucking miracles BEANS - a-ah - lords of the unthinkable He's fucked everyone of us Screwed up everyone of us He'll write the Sequal we never even wanted to do with a mighty Smash BEANS - a-ah BEANS - a-ah - He's Now on our hit List Just a teen With a gamer's courage He knows nothing but a teen But Games never fail No one but the purest Dreamers May find the woo foo tale Oh oh - oh oh BEANS!

Crap Bunk

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Random Acts: AC's Town-Pg.1

Hi! I Now Declare Me The Master of The Keyboard! Blossom: MASTER OF THE KEYBOARD! AC: Duh! Blossom: That Must Mean... AC: I Can (Yang Sneeses yin and Carl Human and To The House(That Count Him As Well)) AC: New Charicters in The House... (The Two Woo Foo Knights Sneese But Reality Does Not Break) AC: And The Cure For The Woo Foo Part of The Woo Foo Flu and That's Just The Beginning Bubbles: What's With That Guy?(Points At Carl) AC: I Will Send Him To Hell (Carl Changes Back And There's A Gate To Hell) Carl: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AC: Anyone Else? (Crickets!) AC: No? Well Then, Let's Get

Master Control

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DW The Manga: CH1-Cover

Doctor Who The Manga

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Toonatopia 2 Cover

Toonatopia 2: 3 Tales of Toonatopia

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Transdimentional Observatory

Transmorphers Website

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Seth's Gutar


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Cosmo The Woo Foo Knight


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Human Yin 'Yinako'


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Yin under XANA's Control


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NBGT-My Way-Ep.2

Episode 2-Mandy, New Dictator Smashmaster General: God Dammit! WE LOST RACHEL! Spax: Smashmaster General, Now can we Bust out the Dragon Balls. Smashmaster General: OF COURSE! You can erase the Time this Ever Happened and Make Sure Grim Has His Sythe! Now, MOVE OUT! Smashmaster General: Spax, if you do A Crazy One and Seal the Evil Away in the Transdimentional Gate, You will Be Banned from FCC Duties! Spax: Got it, Sir! Smashmaster General: Spax! If my Plan on Using The Dragonballs are Correct, I'll Personally Give you a Metal Of Honor Spax: Understood, Sir! Smashmaster General: Unnamed Lutenant No.64! Can you Beleve the nerve of the

Final Spagetti

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X-TremeBobamon, Chaos Spirit 1


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Ranamon's Wardrobe - 001


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Save Toonatopia


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Page 1

My Smash Bros. Roster

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The Tube


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Kynim's Pokemorph Days - CH8: The Captive

My name is Mel. And for some reason... I think I've gone Nothlit. Let's see, I morphed Dialga, regressed a gaurd to infancy, demorphed, morphed my human form in the size of the Guard's Clothes, Snuck in to get battle plans, then wound up with a tranquilizer up my butt... And it's nightime when I fell at noon. Yep, Definitely a nothlit. I looked at the Guard and he questioned me about some sort of Gijinka uprising to take their jobs or some shit like that... I naturally kept my mouth shut but they punched and kicked me several times. And it really hurt like hell. Eventually, things had to give and with that, I chose to cave in the secret

Kynim's Pokemorph Days

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Diamond Dogs Chapter 27

I noticed a glow on the top of the blank page, a number -- emerged from its radiance to my amazement. "Mom, Dad, It's happening again!" At that point we were closing in on our last stoplight to Fourty Feasts so it was safe for Mom to check out the book and sure enough, mom started to believe me and dad. Citrine shank into her spot in the backseat with a sort of regretful look on her face, Turquoise was thankfully there to comfort her so there were no hard feelings on her end. But me, I had some unfinished business. I walked up to the counter and asked the cashier about where I could find Eraqus and his friends. "Oh, they're at one of the wi

Kingdom Hearts Fated Fictions

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The HitchHiker's Guide to Infinity - Chapter Two

Produced as a reaction to a premonition of this cosmic calamity, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Infinity is a truly remarkable book and a remarkably clever response to the attempted metacide of Yggdrasil. Penned by the man himself and an ever-growing pool of the Loopers he initiated to keep the universes stable, it is more useful than the WestphallMaps.wand website, better selling than the QuadStars Vol. 42 Blu-Ray Box Set, and more divisively contrivertial than Orae Flesher's trilogy of evolutionary rebuttals 'Evolution is Nonsense', '42 finds that contradict evolution', 'Why evolution is a pyramid scheme by globalists to demoralize and destroy h

The HitchHiker's Guide to Infinity

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The Impeccable Dr. Riley - Prologue

     In the beginning, there was nothing. No prehistoric dinosaurs, no microscopic algae, no anything in particular. In the Beginning, there was but one spark of determination floating in the void of nothingness that was the beginning. But then the Spark said: Let there be light, and it would all be routine from there despite the world created on the first week leaving many of his ilk truly, truly unhappy.      On Monday, the Spark delivers light. Tuesday for the Sky. Land and Sea on Wednesday, Et cetera. And it can truly get tiring after a while and it's hard to garner some respect without a face for his subjects, so he created that assist

The Impeccable Dr. Riley

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