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I keep a blogspot now.
It suits my purposes better than deviantart or livejournal. I hope you'll visit from time to time, as I do here.
Happy thanksgiving!
  • Listening to: Lonnie Donegan
  • Reading: TV scriptwriter's handbook
  • Watching: snowfall
  • Eating: TURKEY
  • Drinking: Mulled wine
I declare December 2009 to be LIGHTENING ROUND POWER HOUR
Stay tuned for mad arts, every time I finish anything, this time I PROMISE
Do you know I don't even know how many various accounts I need to keep up? I'm just not sure which one is best or whether I should care.
Give me you best recommendation: of the following, how any do you a. use regularly or b. follow links to for specific artists/purposes: Flickr, tumblr, etsy, Blogspot, Photobucket,,, myspace, facebook, friendster, delicious, reddit, digg, or livejournal.
DA is not listed cause it is obviously highly beneficial.

At least say your favorite/least favorite for discovering or keeping up with people.
poll never closes.

  • Listening to: Susumu Hirasawa
  • Reading: lips, I can't listen anymore.
  • Watching: my cares fly away
  • Eating: way too much in general
  • Drinking: Gin
These are things to remember going forward.

I HAVE learned to sew, finished a couple projects, and scheduled time off.
Also discovered that "hard thoughts" are called "anxiety", and it's nothing to worry about.

Just gotta get this stuff knocked out, stay in the moment, and ride my bike.

I don't usually like hot weather but lately I don't really mind.
  • Listening to: Susumu Hirasawa
  • Reading: Are you there, vodka? it's me, chelsea
  • Watching: the boids
  • Eating: tacos
  • Drinking: teeea
"Peanuts? No thanks! (Cacahuates? No Gracias!)" by Laura Gonzalez, and illustrated by yours truly, a trilingual anecdotal explanation of Paco's allergy to nuts, is now available for purchase! 24 pages, color cover, in Spanish, English and Tamil. Reserve yours today! Like ten bucks or something I guess. I am soo excited!

See this link to download a sample of the interior art. "Download" button on left.…
  • Listening to: Susumu Hirasawa
  • Reading: Are you there, vodka? it's me, chelsea
  • Watching: the boids
  • Eating: tacos
  • Drinking: teeea
Why do I drive myself crazy?
offer suggestions here:
  • Listening to: Hey otto make that riff stac-a-to
  • Reading: hellboy
  • Watching: the world of george and paul
  • Playing: hard to get
  • Eating: kale and english muffins
  • Drinking: milk and vodka NOT AT ONCE EW
-learn everything over again
-draw every day
-finish drawing to-do list YES YOU ARE ON IT I'M SORRY
-dress a little nicer because I feel sorry for your eyes
-go with the flow
-stop picking my nose
-stop chewing my nails
-learn to focus my mind into a single beam of pure thought energy that can rip through walls and time
-clean my room all the way
-call mom
  • Listening to: Gloria Trevi
  • Reading: Indesign cs3 visual quickstart guide
  • Watching: The Chase
  • Eating: cream cheese on Spaghetti I need to go shopping
  • Drinking: Rum and Jarritos
Yes, yes, I'm alive, but I'm of no use to you. sorry, dear friends, but I simply can not mow your lawn, massage your feet, or buy your lunch in the cafeteria for the foreseeable future. I am too busy carving myself into a superior form of life.
Not superior to anybody in particular, just superior to my current form, you see. You're already cooler than I could ever be.
  • Listening to: Deer Hoof
  • Reading: Skim
  • Watching: Whale
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Coffee
Announcing MONSTERS, a spooky gallery show featuring spine-chilling original art by Seattle's very own pen-slinging party of cartooning creatures, the Friends of the Nib, with a special artists' reception on opening night!

OCTOBER 24 6-ish
5828 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA - (206) 523-5282

MONSTERS runs from October 24 through November 24, featuring original art from the Friends of the Nib's powerhouse roster of cartoonists and illustrators. An artists' reception will be held from 6PM-10PM on October 24, where many of the creepy creators will be on hand.

Beginning October 24, local cartoonists' group The Friends of the Nib become The FIENDS of the Nib as they present a gruesome gallery show celebrating hair-raising Halloween themes at Café Racer. 25 alarming artists will contribute original artwork ranging from the quaintly disquieting to the unspeakably shocking, all to usher in a happy Halloween!

Selected original pieces will be for sale.

Café Racer is located at 5828 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA - (206) 523-5282
All ages cafe.
  • Listening to: Deer Hoof
  • Reading: Adult children of Alchoholics
  • Watching: LIFE
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Coffee
Come and See! Come and Buy!

MILD KINGDOM:A Friends of the Nib benefit ART SALE!

Opening Reception:
Friday June 13, 2008 7pm

All proceeds benefit Animal Talk, a no-kill non-profit animal rescue.

Get all your wildlife paintings, prints, cartoons, and sculptures here! Priced to Move! This collection of Seasoned Professionals and Talented Dynamos present you with a myriad of high-quality works of beauty! Come Early, Come Often.

Cafe Racer 5828 Roosevelt Way NE 206.523.5282
two doors down from the Trading Musician

Music by the MoonSpinners

I'll see you there or I'll never see you again.
  • Listening to: Battles
  • Reading: The News
  • Watching: Enter the Dragon
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Brewed Coffee and Coca Cola--together.
Portland's the best, I love my internship, I love metal, I love matzo, everything is wonderful.
Dracula was excellent, you should go see it in Burien if you have not already, it's really spectacular. Highest production value I've ever seen in that tiny little lovely place.

I miss my pals. I miss marzipan.

  • Listening to: My roommate's math philosophies
  • Reading: Finder
  • Watching: Stella
  • Eating: matzo soup
  • Drinking: stumptown coffee
Yay I've stopped worrying.

Room in portland: DONE
Some manner of regular employment for the remainder of the summer: DONE
Finally having momentum where comics are concerned: DONE

Any actual work: not done.

And oh hey I saw an old classmate through the window of his house the other day and said hello, it was quite the treat.
  • Listening to: Blue Angels at Seafair
  • Reading: History of Heraldry
  • Watching: America's Got Talent
  • Drinking: water
Sooooo, I can niether attend a strip club, nor practice driving because my permit/i.d. is in anchorage, Alaska. Fell out on the plane on the way back from Danny's very lovely wedding. Who would have thought Alaska Airlines actually goes to Alaska.

I am worrying a lot lately about lots of things. At least I'm busy, that should help.

Salt water state park, comic strip, for JAK: Research stages.
Iris and hammer, flash, Jimmi: Not done yet.
Bad blood, comic, liriel: 30% done
P.O.W., comic, Mark: 40% done
Danish Bakery Website: Hahaaaa yeah. no.

Personal projects:

Goal for next week: Everything

Worry of the moment: What do you mean the bus doesn't go to the corporate parks of Kent. Do you honestly think I can afford a cab right now? Good lord metro, why do you hate me.
Also: Portland, why do you hate me. All I want in a room to rent. It's not that much trouble, I'm a good room-mate. I can clean. I can pay rent. I can stay in with the kids if that's what you need, just...arg. Arg Arg.
  • Listening to: The sound of my own tears hitting my keyboard
  • Reading: Native American wives of San Juan Settlers
  • Watching: Scenery
  • Drinking: water
It's already July, and I don't have a job yet, but not for lack of trying.
Trying to find a roomie in Portland, that's a pain in the ass, too. Either I'm not there long enough to suit most people, or I'm too young. Plus I won't even be down there for quite a while, so there's a mark against me, too.  I worry.

Also I have a cold. Great time for it.

And Mrs. Troeh passed away last week. 94, she was, and a kick in the pants every time she came to the bakery. Gone in her sleep. Nice lady. Miss her.

Well, as far as things to be happy about go:
My relationship with my family is going well.
I get to hang around with my brother a lot.
I have a pretty dress and nice shoes to wear to my boyfriend's brother's wedding.
I have made muffins.
My room is almost clean.
Most people are polite.
  • Listening to: Lots of people saying "yeah sorry, good luck&
  • Reading: DC guide to comic book coloring
  • Watching: some broadcast procedural with rape in it
  • Eating: Jiffy mix muffins with jam! Mmm!
  • Drinking: Airborne
I have graduated and now I need a job.
So, hooray, and have a great summer, won't you?
  • Listening to: busy signals
  • Reading: The Black Diamond Detective Agency
  • Watching: Lovely Complex
  • Playing: Quube, coob, how you say
  • Eating: Costco alfredo
  • Drinking: Tsk tsk
we learnewd how to do scratchboard today.
It's tons of fun and is my new favorite.

Don't forget about my contest.…
  • Listening to: strange, unidentifiable ringing
  • Reading: PENG
  • Watching: Firefly
  • Playing: the fool
  • Eating: steeeak
  • Drinking: Baaaad things
Keep dreamin', asshole.
  • Listening to: "for Sam" electronic mix
  • Reading: You thinki have time to read anymore?
  • Watching: Lotte Reineger
  • Eating: Take 5 candy bar, apple
  • Drinking: handy mart coffee
I've put a lot of people on my watch list becasue I simply like their artwork. I like their style, or their take on the content. But sometimes, a person starts going in a direction I don't care for at all, like, only drawing cats anymore or something. I'm all for progressing as an artist, but to start only doing stuff about V for Vendetta or only taking pictures of clouds with no variety or message for months on end really gets on my nerves.

Thus, I have a request. Not for anyone to please stop drawing cats (unsolicited critique has caused me trouble before and if I really really cared all that much I would simply uncheck "deviations" next to your name.), but for you, my pal, my browsing passer-by, to please tell me what it is you like to see me draw fewer of, what you'd like me to experiment with, or what it is that if I draw it one more time you will try to stab me with a packet of coffee creamer, so fervent will be your rage.

I might not pay any heed at all, but I would like to know.

Also I am running a contest.
  • Listening to: Music of the medicine show
  • Reading: The Lady from Dubuque by Ed Elbee
  • Watching: Karate Master on youtube
  • Eating: mint chocolate
  • Drinking: milk
from Zorgia

"The first 10 people who post in this journal will be featured. I will go though your gallery and choose three of your deviations I like most and post them in my journal for everyone to see! It's pretty much to show you off (remember the Art Pimp Tag thingie from a while ago? Well, it's kinda the same intention).

You gotta put this in your journal as well if you posted."

So there. Maybe I will be able to make thumbnails work. just for you.

If a week goes by and only three people post then..I will also feature assorted aquaintances!

Also please do not forget I am running a contest.…
  • Listening to: Classmates sneezing
  • Reading: School Newspaper
  • Watching: Little Superstar
  • Eating: Pizza (Hot Mama's)
  • Drinking: Eggnog w/ rum! Thanks, Mom!
CONTEST! Cash Prize, even!…

And for your thanksgiving amusement:

Mashed potatoes by Spools
  • Listening to: dog barking
  • Reading: CSS tutorials
  • Watching: Casino Royale
  • Eating: Turkey
  • Drinking: coffee? coffee? more coffee!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mashed potatoes by ~Spools on deviantART
  • Listening to: dog barking
  • Reading: CSS tutorials
  • Watching: Casino Royale
  • Eating: Turkey
  • Drinking: coffee? coffee? more coffee!