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Maka Gets a Boyfriend at the End of This Story by Spookyrus, literature

FreedomSwap Remix - Story Index by Spookyrus, literature

FreedomSwap Remix - 1. Dragon Valley by Spookyrus, literature

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[FP] Next Time Say Goodbye: Prologue

-- Prologue -- The Shang Tu Police Department — or, STPD, for short. In the vast, beautiful blue city of Shang Tu, it was but another building on the long central road leading up to the Royal Palace. Inside, it was bustling with officers and guards, and any citizen with a dilemma that needed to be solved. At the STPD, it was like any other day. It seemed that everyone was content with that. Inside the Department, down a series of brightly lit hallways, increasingly empty as they passed, there was a door. It looked much like the other doors around it, the only exception being the name on the front of it. Two words, engraved in gold, ent
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Abandoned Heroism by MasterPerryMartin, literature

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Hey I'm Spookyrus, formerly mpuppy4, and YOU'RE WATCHING DISNEY CHANNEL

Commissions (Writing): CLOSED

Art Trades (Drawing and Sprites): OPEN


Roleplay: Message me if you want to RP! I pretty much only ever RP with my Freedom Planet AUs (of which I have a billion) but I'd also be open to using my Splatoon OCs or doing stuff with ships that I like. I prefer to RP on Discord so you can contact me there or here. Please do not roleplay in the comment sections of my deviations. If you're going to do so, take it to notes.

Discord (color) Icon ultramini JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER if you want to hang out and talk about whatever you're into, share your art and writing, maybe roleplay a little, or get updates when I post stuff!


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Favourite Visual Artist
Aonik, ArtOfKace, GomiPomi, Goshaag, Ikimaru, TamarinFrog
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Wolf Children (WATCH IT), Wreck-It Ralph, Avengers: Infinity War
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Digimon, She-Ra, Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Steven Universe, Soul Eater
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Vocaloid and Fall Out Boy
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Do my friends count??
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Freedom Planet, Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Splatoon, Skullgirls
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YEAH I HAVE A KO-FI HERE'S THE LINK Hi so in case you haven't noticed I haven't written anything in a while and I really want to rectify this. So in the spirit of that and having bills to pay, I'm opening fanfic requests on ko-fi! Just shoot me a donation and a request and I'll write a quick fic based on your request. I WILL do it!!! And if I don't I'll give you a refund Guidelines: Only the fandoms listed below! Nothing inappropriate. I'm willing to push the boundaries with romance and violence, but nothing that you wouldn't be caught reading in the workplace. No ships with dramatic age gaps or between family members. Also no ships that I just dislike or am uncomfortable with. You can ask if you're unsure. Canon characters only, no OCs! Unless they're mine, but why would you want that?? Generally speaking, the fic will be longer the more you donate. My soft rule is minimum 1000 words per 1 ko-fi. These are requests, NOT commissions! You can give as much or as little detail as you
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I am only now realizing where the group notifications are. Thanks DA.
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