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a black n white boy by Spookyrus a black n white boy :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 16 13 a shadowy dragon boy by Spookyrus a shadowy dragon boy :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 16 20 Toothpaste Boi by Spookyrus Toothpaste Boi :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 17 2 It's A Nice Bike by Spookyrus It's A Nice Bike :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 38 15
Call Me Lazy
I can’t find any solace in anything but fun
And yeah, I know that might sound dumb
But it’s all I’ve got
Fun has a real broad definition
So I guess it’s just a thought
That I could have fun with most anything
There’s so much more that life could bring
But still I stay right here
I can’t think of the word for this feeling that I feel
It might be “apathy”
But it still seems so surreal
That I could literally
Be doing anything that isn’t sitting here
And doing nothing
Literally nothing
Not figuratively, actually nothing
Can’t I just do something?
I don't even know
There’s work to be done
Songs to be sung
Art to be drawn
And words to be written
But every time I think of it
I think of how I’d rather sit around
There’s an entire freaking world out there
But I’m comfortable here in this chair
I can’t explain why I can’t find
The motivation to leave it behind
When I know there’s s
:iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 7 8
no earpiece :o by Spookyrus no earpiece :o :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 38 12 What Are YOU Looking At? by Spookyrus What Are YOU Looking At? :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 33 8 Sleepy Bench Boyfriends by Spookyrus Sleepy Bench Boyfriends :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 22 11 Dragonheart Academy Logo by Spookyrus Dragonheart Academy Logo :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 6 6 Brevon's Plan by Spookyrus Brevon's Plan :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 46 19 FreedomFic-Library Icon by Spookyrus FreedomFic-Library Icon :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 13 14
[FP] Next Time Say Goodbye - Story Index

Lilac, years into her adulthood, works as a police officer for Shang Tu. While content with her life, she can't deny that she could use a little more excitement. Spade being assigned as her partner wasn't the kind of excitement she was looking for. Investigating the murder of somebody close to her wasn't either.

DeviantArt | FanFiction | Archive of Our Own | Wattpad
-- Prologue --
An officer and a new recruit meet, but not for the first time.
:iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 3 0
[FP] Next Time Say Goodbye: Chapter 2

-- Chapter 2 --
There probably weren't many people who would opt to walk home from work after dark everyday in a big city like Shang Tu, but Lilac was one of them. To be fair, home wasn't entirely too far from the department, and it went without saying that she was more than capable of taking care of herself. But Lilac didn't walk home every night to show off, or even to save crystals on energy as some might. She just liked walking, and the feel of the cool night air on her face.
Home itself was quite a bit different from the home Lilac had once known, many years ago. It was built with a similar elegance to the Royal Palace, as the lot wasn't placed all too far from there. The surrounding area was covered in healthy grass, filled with flowers, trees, and running water. And, of course, the house was pretty big. In short, it was an expensive piece of property… which they'd barely paid a single gem for, thanks to their co
:iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 6 2
Everything's better with Carol by Spookyrus Everything's better with Carol :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 19 17 Memories of a Freedom Lost Logo by Spookyrus Memories of a Freedom Lost Logo :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 3 3 Next Time Say Goodbye Logo by Spookyrus Next Time Say Goodbye Logo :iconspookyrus:Spookyrus 2 1
I write stuff. I also do sprite edits because I'm not an artist :/

Random Favourites

The Fabric that Travels 'Round by BetaCicada The Fabric that Travels 'Round :iconbetacicada:BetaCicada 55 2 the Two Speedrunners by Jack-Hedgehog the Two Speedrunners :iconjack-hedgehog:Jack-Hedgehog 43 20 Team Lilac by Kjbionicle Team Lilac :iconkjbionicle:Kjbionicle 69 36 The last week of the summer by goshaag The last week of the summer :icongoshaag:goshaag 325 45 Spark the electric jester by JamoART Spark the electric jester :iconjamoart:JamoART 28 9 Miles Tails Prower and Milla Basset by Skye-Izumi Miles Tails Prower and Milla Basset :iconskye-izumi:Skye-Izumi 94 17 He's Gonna Fly High by cubiccyan He's Gonna Fly High :iconcubiccyan:cubiccyan 74 2 NO CAPES! by RavenEvert NO CAPES! :iconravenevert:RavenEvert 303 60 Big Bro Mode Activated by TamarinFrog Big Bro Mode Activated :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 894 76 Werelac by SXC-150 Werelac :iconsxc-150:SXC-150 13 13 Final Approach by anonymityingrey Final Approach :iconanonymityingrey:anonymityingrey 39 7 POWER by Eeni POWER :iconeeni:Eeni 25 11 Pidge by Eeni Pidge :iconeeni:Eeni 116 6 Stress Couture (Pic of the week MLPS7E14) by JonFawkes Stress Couture (Pic of the week MLPS7E14) :iconjonfawkes:JonFawkes 436 26 mabifica by xxShuunekixx mabifica :iconxxshuunekixx:xxShuunekixx 176 2
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Current Projects (they're all Freedom Planet sorry)


Memories of a Freedom Lost Logo by Spookyrus
When Lilac loses her memories in an unfortunate accident, Carol and Milla are left to pick up the pieces.
Story Index | First Chapter

FreedomSwap Remix Logo by Spookyrus
Carol the Wildcat and her best friend Lilac are out and about in Dragon Valley one morning when the wing of a certain spacecraft flies down and crushes Carol's bike... Uh-oh.

Next Time Say Goodbye Logo by Spookyrus
Lilac, years into her adulthood, works as a police officer for Shang Tu. While content with her life, she can't deny that she could use a little more excitement. Spade being assigned as her partner wasn't the kind of excitement she was looking for. Investigating the murder of someone close to her wasn't either.
Story Index | Prologue

Avalice Outsiders Logo by Spookyrus
On Milla's sixteenth birthday, Team Lilac is sent halfway across Avalice to work undercover in another country. Now Milla has to adjust to the change while also fighting a looming threat... Luckily, she finds some new friends to help her through it.

Story of Monsters Logo by Spookyrus
Lilac has dedicated her life to protecting Avalice and her friends from any threat that may face them. But when she becomes the threat herself, a werebeast, a Monster, there's only one thing she can think to do: run.

Dragonheart Academy Logo by Spookyrus
Carol Tea is starting her freshman year of high school, and on the very first day, she meets the girl of her dreams. Carol makes it her goal to win this girl's heart by the end of the year. Too bad she's not the only one with eyes for Sash Lilac...


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oh god it's december

Mon Dec 3, 2018, 3:08 PM
Well frick, I still haven't written anything and it's been almost a year since the last MoaFL update. Ehh... I'll worry about it later. For now I'll just say that I'm gunning for January with Story of Monsters. plz don't unfollow me i promise i'll write something soon

In the meantime, while I'm not doing what you all expect of me, let's talk about what I've been doing instead!! Here's some fandom garbage:
  • Pokémon Let's Go is out and I've played it a little and seen the rest and it's... Pokémon. I don't know how else to describe it. If you like Pokémon, you'll probably get some enjoyment out of it. But there's nothing to it that hasn't been done better in other games before it, and it removes more than it adds. While I won't dissuade you if you already want it, I can't recommend it either. The price is a major dealbreaker for me personally, it's not worth sixty bucks.
  • BUT if Let's Go means that we're going to get to see Yellow in the manga again, all misdeeds will be forgiven. PLEASE BRING BACK BEST GIRL MR. KUSAKA, I BEG OF YOU, IT'S BEEN TOO LONG, RED AND BLUE AND GREEN CAME BACK, FREAKING EMERALD CAME BACK, LET US SEE THE FORBIDDEN YELLOW
  • *SMASHES FIST ON DESK* INCINEROAR IN SMASH, HELL YEAH W R E S T L E  C A T also the fanart of him and Isabelle together is 👌👌👌
  • I FINALLY got Sonic Forces over a year after its release, and it's... not good. The controls are all kinds of awkward and the level design is trash. Also the story is arguably worse than Freedom Planet's, and that's saying something. I knew from its reception that it would be flawed, but for some reason I was still expecting something better than what I got. It's not the absolute worst, but it's... disappointing. Big time. I'll tell you what though, you sure as heck can make a custom character.
Guy in Forces by Spookyrus
  • DELTARUNE DELTARUNE DELTARUNE, I mentioned it in brief in the Ralsei doodle I uploaded but it's great, it's better than Undertale, and I can't wait for the rest of it. The characters are all amazing as usual, the story looks like it's going in an interesting direction, the gameplay is a major upgrade from UT, and I would die for Fluffy Boy Ralsei. And Suselle. Oohhhhh, Suselle... Also the demo is free. Play it, cowards.
  • Grapple Force Rena comes out tomorrow! I'm not picking it up immediately, but I'll definitely be checking it out at some point.
  • I've been on a bit of a Splatoon kick lately, even though I still don't have a Switch. Hmm... If I ever actually do get Splatoon 2 and learn how to draw maybe I'll share my squid OCs with all of ya'll.
  • Steven Universe is finally coming off of hiatus in a couple weeks... I wonder how long it'll stick around before it drops off the face of the earth again. I give it a week.
  • Also, I would like to introduce you all to my new OTP: Carolac 2
Carolac 2: The Cat's an Antagonist This Time by Spookyrus
  • I-I mean, Catradora. I mean Carolac 2. Please watch She-Ra and the Princesses of Power it's on Netflix and it's great
  • Oh, did you want me to say something actually pertaining to Freedom Planet?? Uh... Carolac is still good. Still big time looking forward to FP2. Goshaag's advent art is killing my heart it's so wholesome. Fanfic updates are coming eventually. 👍👍👍
In other news, I'm thinking about getting into writing my first novel. That's a hard "thinking about," but I'll let ya'll know if anything comes of it.

Other things that I've been "thinking about" include going back to my Digimon, Skylanders, and Vocaloid fanfiction at some point, but... WELL, I should probably update my freedomfics first.

  • Listening to: 🎄CHRISTMAS MUSIC🎄
  • Reading: the chapter of MoaFL that I still haven't finished
  • Watching: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (watch it)
  • Playing: Splatoon 1, even tho the Wii U is freaking dead
  • Eating: no christmas cookies yet 😢
  • Drinking: my tears bc i still haven't written anything


Spookyrus's Profile Picture
Miranda Richards
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Heyo! I'm Spookyrus, formerly known as mpuppy4 (and also sometimes still known as mpuppy4 on sites that don't like you changing your username). I'd like to think that I'm a writer, if only I could get myself to write. Pretty much all of my writing thus far has been fanfiction (albeit I've been told that it's pretty good fanfiction??) but I'm hoping to move forward into original stuff at some point here. Hopefully. So I can get published. Hopefully.

I also do mediocre sprite edits because I have nothing better to do other than writing but I suck :D

I roleplay when I'm bored, almost exclusively Freedom Planet but I'm willing to try other things. If you're interested in RPing, go ahead and message me. I may or may not say yes! However, even as I am all for roleplay, don't RP in the comment sections of my deviations, or anybody else's for that matter. If you want to RP, take it to notes, don't clutter somebody's comments. That being said, I prefer to RP on Discord or Skype, but if you don't have either of those, I'll do it in the notes here.

My commissions are currently closed, but art trades are always open.

Current Obsession:

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I need to write something. 

15 deviants said You need to write something.
4 deviants said Go back to bed.


Hey uh I've probably mentioned this before, but you can join my Discord server if you're bored and want to hang out. We mostly just talk about random junk there, but you can also share your art and/or fanfiction there, and... theoretically, RP?? listen i'm lonely and bored please join my server

Here's a link:
And there's also a permanent link on my profile, in the widget above the comments section.
I assure you all that I am indeed working on things. At the moment, mostly things for other people.
This will be the shirt that I'm buried in.
20180518 054110 by Spookyrus
Oh jeez MoaFL is a year and two days old
On the list of things I've done this week instead of being productive: creating and running a stupid amount of Freedom Planet ask/roleplay blogs on Tumblr.

Other Accounts Icon ultramini by linux-rules Spookyrus | Archive of our own (AO3) Icon ultramini by linux-rulesSpookyrus
Tumblr Official Icon ultramini by linux-rules eccentric-spookyrus | Twitter (powder blue) Icon ultramini by linux-rules spookyrus515
Wattpad app Icon ultramini by linux-rules Spookyrus | Quotev Icon ultramini by linux-rules Spookyrus | Discord (color-transparent) Icon ultramini by linux-rules Spookyrus#5785

Join my Discord Server to hang out and talk about whatever you're into, share your art and fanfiction, maybe RP a little, and/or get updates when I post stuff!


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