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Cage Teapot
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My very first DA submission!
The ceramic portion has only one glaze on it. The apparent difference in color is created by sandblasting the bulbous portion of the pot while leaving the neck and interior glossy.

Dimensions: 9"x6"x6"
Materials: Wood, steel, sand blasted ceramic, and rubber bath tub plug.
Image size
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10/603 second
Focal Length
15 mm
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Date Taken
Dec 11, 2004, 4:56:26 PM
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Comments (5)
That's a great piece. It's something like I might have made If I still had a sculpture studio (not that that's what makes it great). Cages are a great archetype and metaphor for a sculptor to work with.
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Very cool. I have a thing for cages... or at least i am doing a series including that as a theme. I especially like that it looks like the pot could not get in or out of the cage. Like it was put there when it was young and then grew up there, BAD teapot! That'll learn it... hehheh I like...
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"BAD teapot! Now eat your fish heads!"
I have a thing for cages too. I've found that cages, as a design element, can easily overpower the intended meaning or "feel" of the overall piece (assuming the cage isn't the intent itself). They're like a strong spice in cooking.
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Nice work. i dont think i would ever drink anything from your little kettle but nice. its got a good kind of wierd feel to it. only one word can describe it. Spiffy! :D
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Hey, thanks! And thanks for the look. Y'know, I wouldn't drink anything I make either.
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