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Liah Oc
Liah is Mia's best friend and is the complete opposite of her, Liah is outgoing and enthusiastic and she tries to help mia break out of her shell and have fun! 

because Mia is so enthusiastic she is also very passionate about things and tends to be a tiny bit of a drama queen sometimes so some people find her to be a tab bit annoying and over the top because they don't take the time to actually meet her.

liah was adopted by a family and is the oldest of 8 siblings so she was always the one that had to take care of people, because of this she is really helpful to people in need and especially to mia, whenever mia is having a panic attack mia comes straight to help..but mia dosent know everything about mia and why she is so shy and reserved, all she knows is she has anxiety but not because mia opened up to her she can just tell by the way mia acts. 

mia is currently not in any relationships but is open to anyone if they would like because she loves meeting new people 
mia is liah's only friend because people dont take time to meet liah and only take her as a over the top drama queen, which she kinda is sometimes 

mia loves dancing and acting and sometimes mia will write mini stroies for liah to act out
Mia (my original character)
basic information: this is Mia she is 16 years old and goes to high school
her gender is female 
and she is straight 

personality: Mia is really insecure about herself, but she is really nice to others. Mia is shy and socially awkward so a lot of people don't like talking to her because she is really blunt because of her shyness, if you get to meet her deeply though she will open up to you and will love you so much maybe even to much, a lot of people use her because of this . she does not like being mean so she is seen as weak sometimes. she is honestly a sweetheart but she cant see that. 

backstory: when she was about 11 she started getting anxiety and depression it was not to bad at first though, and her parents broke apart and she lived with her mother, her mother was very sweet to her and loved her..but she didn't know about her anxiety. by 13 Mia's anxiety and depression took over and she never seemed to want to do anything.. darkness seemed to take over and her mom started noticing and so did her friends. they kept asking her about it every day but she just made up excuses like, i'm just tired don't worry and i'm fine eventually they stopped believing her and her friends and family finally got her help when she was 14. To this day she is still recovering but has gotten better because the help of therapy and family 

relationships: she has a crush on a guy but she is single

note: surprise! im making a story! she is gonna be the main character and im gonna post all of my characters until i have done all of them
Lapis Lazulli
steven universe fan art! :)
program: fire alpaca 
time tooken: 3 or 4 hours 
note: this is not the art style i usually use but lapis is from a more cartoony art style normally and i thought she would look cute with my cartoon artstyle i use sometimes
also this is my HEAD CANNON of lapis and in this version she is a water princess! 


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United States
i love aphmau and making art :) hope you like it!


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