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Okay so... For those who have no idea who Timmy is, he's from episode 416 of Mystery Science Theater 3000, "Fire Maidens of Outer Space". Here, I'll let Wikipedia explain:

"During episode 416, Fire Maidens of Outer Space, Crow acquired a double named 'Timmy', to whom the trio quickly took a liking. (Timmy was actually the painted-black Crow used for the Shadowrama in the theater.) However, the double began playing tricks on Tom Servo and Joel, who blamed Crow for the actions. He eventually joined them in the theater during the movie and attacked Tom, cocooning him in a material identical to the xenomorph in Alien, forcing Joel (who referenced Aliens by growling, 'Let go of him, you bitch!' ) and Crow to stuff him into an airlock and blast him out of the ship and into space. Timmy's appearance was a parody of the evil twin concept."

And for those who have no idea what Mystery Science Theater 3000 is, I suggest you search youtube. Now.
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He's Crow's brother
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Man this show was hilarious. It didn't take itself seriously and had a relaxed light hearted tone.

But my god when it wanted to scare you it succeeded with flying colors.
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You'd never think MST would have its scary moments, but Timmy was pure nightmare fuel!
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That is legitamently horrifying....
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Is it bad that this episode actually gave me nightmares, yet none of the Alien films did? I think its his spindliness. Reminds me of that creepy ultra skinny-tall alien from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Awesome drawing, but Ii'm pressing the back button now.
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Phew! I only just finished watching this episode (I watched bits of it previously) and the moment Timmy snuck into the theater I broke out into a cold sweat!
If 'The Castle of Fu Manchu' made me laugh and cry at the same time, 'Fire Maidens' made me simultaneously laugh and tremble in fear.
Yeah, he was awesome like that.
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I remember seeing the Fire Maidens From Outer Space episode with Timmy in it. You did a great job with it. I love the composition.
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It awesome but kinda creepy...0_0
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Yikes! The pose is amazingly scary o.o
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this is great....
nice coloring and perfect shades

nc design btw!!!
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what would be great if they made movie called
Timmy vs Alien vs Predator
that would be
ak47s are lords of wars
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man i realy wish there was a full dvd box set or something
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Oh my god. The moment i recognized what it was i actually screamed, "HELL YES!"

MST3K forever.
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GAH!? :omfg:
(runs away from robot)
Scary Robots! > <
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LOOOOOOOOOVE! you are win for drawing this!
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found online copy of this episode.

Though there was a flaw with timmy. I thought evil paradox versions of people had to have goatee beards.
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I LOVE TIMMY!! :heart:
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:clap: MST is the best! Not enough people know about it! Excellent job! :clap:
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cool pose! It's just flying at me! *I need to get that pose down :eyepopping:*
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"Get away from him, you BITCH!"

He may have been in only one episode, but Timmy was always so creepy. Especially when he was slowly rising up out of the seats in the theater. Damn. o__o

Awesome pose and great coloring, makes him look shiny...and equally terrifying. THOSE SOULESS EYES. D8
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