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Some Things Just Should Not Be

Missingno. is a pokemon eldritch abomination, plain and simple.


It comes from seemingly nowhere out of the ocean to inflict it's unintelligible mass of garbled horror upon your character's mind, breaking it in the process of trying to understand what he's seeing. This is shown, as the glitch has side effects after seeing it, like the mangled up hall of fame and somehow believing he has infinite copies of some item in his bag. Furthermore, when you meet him in the later versions, Gold and Silver, the poor guy's been rendered so insane that he can no longer speak, and has become a recluse in a cave.

...Well that's my theory anyway. XD ;
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This is terrifying! I love it!

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In all honesty I [DATA EXPUNGED]
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In all honesty I [DATA EXPUNGED]
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Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives...
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He met the Pokemon equivalent of a Digimon. It's that simple.
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This is as cool as it is creepy :O
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what i saw was not meant for mortal eyes! -marius from diablo 2

love this peice and i agree i see missingno the same way. 
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Is there a way to nominate stuff for Daily Deviations?

Also, hi, tropers. (This is the page image for "Game-Breaking Bug".).
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i remember tvtropes still loath that site for banning me
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Aw... poor Red, getting eaten alive by MissingNo!
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he is the voiceless. The nevershould. The beautiful horror. He is error. He is glitch. He is all thing terrible and wonderful and everything between.

He is Missing...
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Funnily enough, I was listening to the Hall of Origin music from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum when I found this and I thought the music fit.
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....Missingno. is in Gold and Silver?!
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Now I feel bad for forcing him to use Missingno on the Elite Four T-T
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I LOVE IT! Your theory that is, about Missingno being the Pokémon version of a Lovecraftian being. :clap:
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"Here, on the horizon, was everything Gideon did not know."
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Brilliant theory and fantastic picture!
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I like your theory.
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