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More fun with MS PAINt

By spookydoom
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I don't know why I even bother to use this MS Paint sometimes... @_@ It always takes so long... And I gotta color first (due to lack of layers), which makes things difficult.

Still, I finished it! Yay! Now I'm gonna go to bed before I collapse...

Poor Chester seems rather surprised at his pixelly surroundings! I almost messed up his limbs too, would you believe it? x_x Had his legs switched, and I just barely managed to catch it in time to fix it. I wonder why I keep drawing stuff like this at the time of night where my brain officially shuts off...

I'm sorry Chester! ToT;; I hope you find your way back into Photoshop or something. Maybe if I had left a trail of bread crumbs...
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wow, it's fantastic
CosmicTacos's avatar
WOW that like..... AMAZING :O
SuperJail-Sheltie's avatar
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love this so much XD
MS Paint is the bomb!
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MS Paints a hell of a drug!
kangel's avatar
Just letting you know that your work has been featured here! :D
spookydoom's avatar
Whoa, cool! 8D Thanks!
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Awsome! I didn't think u could do that.
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dam this must have taken forever
i would die
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0.0 This is amazing, I love it, especially how you did the shading. This is very good! ^-^
Elixia-Dragmire's avatar
amazing! you must have the patience of a saint!
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This is MS? Wow, keep it up man, you're very talented!
God bless ya,
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Wow how long did this take to do?
spookydoom's avatar
Oh, several hours at least. @_@
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You love MS Paint and you know it! >D
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I wish I had even half of your patience when it came to MS Paint.
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Wow! Awesome work! I for one find it hard to work with Paint with the mouse and such. ^^;
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that looks So cool I want to hug him
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It looks amazing! I love the texture it has!
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Ohhhh, sweet! This looks fantastic! 8DD MSPaint is my babeh. <33 Seeing this makes me want to go draw with it!

Anywho, you did a great job! I highly doubt if I'd have the patience for this kind of shading if I was just using MSPaint.. I USED to shade like this, but now... No way. xD Cell shading for me pls.
I love hos whiny he looks, too! C: I'm loving Chester more and more each time you draw him! Such a cute character! <3
Great pi! 8D
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Oh gosh, I was so tempted to just cel-shade... @_@ But I'm such a sucker for trying to have as smooth shading as possible! Even on a robot, where cel-shading would've probably worked better.
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Well you can still make things smooth with cell shading, can't you? o:
But it's cool that you didn't cell shade- It turned out really nice! <333
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