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*Spooky Chan*-
1. Spooky- errie, and mysterious!
2. Chan - short for Chandra.

My Venture Brothers Art work. :)

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This makes me so happy. VB gives me reason to live, and now so do your sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet pictures of it. Thank you so so much for this.
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There's some great artwork here :D
SpookyChan's avatar
ebonystarfire's avatar
Though I do of course adore the Hank and Dean one you made for me, and the sketches of everyone on the one piece is great as well....I think my fav so far has to be the Triana one. It's just...completely awesome. All your stuff is great though, keep up the great work! ^-^
SpookyChan's avatar
I'm actually surprised you like my Triana over the other ones. ^^; (especially over Hank and Dean.)
Which that does make me happy since that pic seemed to get little attention... (i thought people hated it.. lol)

But thank you hun, I strive to keep on getting better. : )
ebonystarfire's avatar
Well the Hank and Dean was is pretty amusing, I especially love the look on Dean's face in that one heh. There's just something about the Triana one that I love though...I dunno, I can't seem to describe it for some reason....I like the way you draw her though. I hope to see her more perhaps! Maybe even....with Dean lol I'll leave you alone on the requests though cuz I'm sure you get a million heh. Anyway, keep up the good work! GO TEAM VENTURE!
SpookyChan's avatar
yeah i'm up to my ears with stuff to do now. ^^; But i'll keep it in teh back of my mind to do a Triana/Dean pic sometime in the future (if possible.)

and yes, Go team Venture. ^_^ :heart:
Velox-Mortis's avatar
Hmmm, about another week before I can finally see this show. ^__^
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