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Its a voice thing - Dr. GF

character- Dr. Girlfriend
from- The Venture Brothers.
media- photoshop and pencil.
more of my Venture Brothers work- [link]
featured in an Adult Swim bump- [link]

Dr. Girlfriend has appeared. :P
So pretty much i drew this a few months back, and i've finally gotten around to throwing on some color and putting it up.
I should have went back in and re-worked bits (ie. the hands, and making sure the dress and hair was acurate.)
It should be apparent this was a sketch from memory, aposed to looking at refference from The Venture Brothers.
I think it came out ok.. nothing special.. but special enough to share.

Dedicated to Doc Hammer :icondoc-hammer: , for without him, Dr. Girlfriend wouldn't be who she is. ^_^


Venture Bros. © 2004 AstroBase Go! and Cartoon Network.
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dariiy's avatar
very nice and reminds Aeon Flux))
rjpugh's avatar
This reminds me of the work of Peter Chun (Aeon Flux).
morocha's avatar
wooow...i love this work..the girl is pretty...!
TeekKempo's avatar
"Whoa do you smoke cigarettes ....or just eat them?"
SpookyChan's avatar
WPM's avatar
First time I heard the voice I didn't stop laughing till the end I needed to see the show again!
SlimeKingK's avatar
That voice just cracks me up every time i watch her... cuz she looks sexy in a 1960's kinda way... but... you know.... then she speaks...
Comico's avatar
Exquisite Color :#1:

Reminds me of Jackie Kennedy =)
SpookyChan's avatar
heh, actually the character I drew this on has a very Jackie-o look to her, which i think was intentional.
Venture Brothers, good show. :)
Adult-Swim-Club's avatar
shark67's avatar
Very nice. I like your style.
MomoAya's avatar
I love you ;o;
Doc-Hammer's avatar
I am honored. It's great. And not just as a tribute, but as an image. You are a talented son-of-a-bitch.
MentalFloss's avatar
That rocks beyond reason. You have a style that is truly awesome. :worship:
SpookyChan's avatar
thank you so much. ^^; and thanks for the fave too!
marylounatic's avatar
i love the shadowing... and that foot is awesome. very sexy, chan ;) hehe
danihana's avatar
Yay! The Venture Brothers shall take over Adult Swim, and then, THE WORLD!! :mwahaha:
nightmareprince's avatar
Legs that go ALL the way up :giggle: excelent picture, must see this series :D cool picture!
saintpepsi's avatar
Hello Nurse! Gotta love those legss

ShamelessDoodler's avatar
She's so lovely..! I like that she's barefoot, eheh.. Like she's pracing around outside. It looks very carefree.
490477048418's avatar
Reminds me of aoen flux for some reason anyway, good.
MsFenriss's avatar
Right? It's her hair. Her hair is just like Aeon's!
kkvte's avatar
wooooooooooooooooooooooow :o Chan she looks awesome :hug: An instant fav from me :D
I just love how you make her look in a way very skinny but still has avery beautiful figure *glee*
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